*Crystalline Ambience* [IZK]

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This track has been moved from Drum and Bass to Ambient. I appreciated all of the comments from the dnb portion of the population. Thanks guys!~ ;)


Extended intro, for a nice build up, more meat put in the middle, and the ending with a bang.. well a soft bang. (Kudos, Crimsonknight. ;D) Also, more dnb inputted, for your hearing pleasure.

*UPDATE 2* 12/11/08

Given that the track was very loud, thanks to the statements of 4AM, I have taken the liberty of re-mixing it down. Hopefully will be better for you newgrounders out there. I didn't mean to make it loud... my mixing is usually rushed =/ So, here's the updated verison, and hopefully now all can enjoy without bleeding out their ears XD Thanks, 4AM.

I added peak controllers, and controlled the volume as best as I can so no one here can get hurt. Plus, equalized the entire track: all synths, effect, and sounds have been controlled. Absolutely no feedback what-so-ever. Increased the sound of the bells in the song, but only enough to stay inbetween the background and the forefront. Changed around some of the drum patterns, so they don't sound too glitchy, but glitchy enough to keep you entertained. Keep it real, NG~


I was working on this late last night (about 10ish, on friday)... just wanted to make a little something, you know. So I decided to start messing around with this tune that was stuck in my head... so yeah. I tried working with that... and I guess this is how it came out.

When I was first trying to make a drum and bass song out of it... it came out trance/techno-ish... and my bro and mom were talking about not inputing any drums and doing the way my bro usually does techno, you know? So yeah... I went against their opinion... and thus decided to keep pushing my limits. So... I started making chords of string synths... and I couldn't believe it myself, because I've never made chords just out of no where. So I kept working with it, using some more chords for the bass and the string synths... and this is the product of all that work.

I listened to the almost-finished product... and felt that something more was missing (and so was my mother) so yeah... you can probably guess what I added... SFX!! ;D haha. Made it sound way better. I know at first it probably sounds like... techno? Maybe? Something inbetween dnb and techno I think... but then it goes dnb all the way after a while. So no worries.

As always, criticism is greatly appreciated, good or bad, I would love to hear your thoughts. If anything seems out of place, then please do so to tell me, and I will fix it the next possible chance I get. Enjoy newgrounds, because I worked pretty hard on this one. Thank God for inspiration, and for the support of my family. Keep it real, NG~



Very nice work

A very nice track you have here and it brings lots of energy so does show the time you have put into this and it just sounds so good the quality is great it's superb and very powerful feeling so very nice effort on your part and you bring all that to the table so nice job anyways keep up the good work I look for more from you

No upgrades needed on a beautiful piece


You get out what you put in

This is obvious here, it looks like you've done an amazing amount of work on this, I regret that I didn't hear the original so I could see how far its come. Sounds awesome, definately going on my ipod as I type this.

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Haha. The original was pretty bad... lots of mixing problems.. but I was able to fix it up, better than new! :D Thank you. I'm glad it was ipod worthy.



A beautiful track, can only critisize this since after the point of remixation, and it sounds great. The volume is never too high, the pitch is always suddle, the melody is ambient, yet varied and high paced and the energy never seems to seize to flow through this. I really like it, keep up the great work!


Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Oh wow.. quite an in-depth review. Thank you! Glad you liked it. =)


is amazing!

epic one... i liked it a lot, great rhythm and it creates a nic ambient, kind of surrealistic, and fits well with the sweet piano notes, and the effects were great, the drums takes the song they are awesome...
lot of movement, gives you the sensation of moving around, getting fast to something... is fantastic...

i wouldn't change anything... is great

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Oh! Well... thank you! I'm glad it has inspired you.


Ahh, It's So Pretty!

I really liked this, very nice tune to listen to.
Sounds all glittery and pretty ^^

Great work :) x

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

LOL. Thank you. =) Very chill. One of my better ambient songs. hehe. :3


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Nov 29, 2008
9:06 PM EST
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