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(NUB)The Wizard's Finale

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Author Comments


So here we go.

First off, I want to say thank you to the community, the overwhelming amount of support really helped me to keep a positive attitude through this whole ordeal. Earlier this morning, I got a call from an old friend of mine that just so happened to lose a roommate.
Now I'm sitting comfortably back in an apartment, with my music setup all ready to go.

You guys have been so absolutely wonderful and so supportive.
As thanks, I'm going to go ahead and upload this song. It was going to be released with the upcoming album, but I really wanted you guys to have it.

I've put more work into this song than any other song I've done so far. I hope you guys enjoy it.

There is a story that goes with this one, but I'll save that for another time. If you'd like the brief outline, send me a PM and I'll tell it to you. Otherwise, let your imaginations run wild :D

Thanks again guys, and I hope you enjoy this! :D



Amazing work. It's not overly done and everythings amazing. I especially liked the beginning part with the downplayed drums and then the explosion into a frenzy of feeling and action. It's tension rings out before the pause and combustion of noise and feeling. It's pure and heartfelt.

nubbinownz responds:

Thank you. I really appreciate the genuine review! :D <3


This was incredible. The start just pulls you in, and you have to almost strain to listen to it, then suddenly you can hear it, the music that would play as someone begins to tell a tale of the past. It leads up into the power and beat, and then slowly comes crashing to the close. You weren't kidding, it's a song for a story.
The music blends perfectly, and every second of the song draws you in further, making you want to hear the next. Incredibly impressive.
I was expecting great things from the intro, and I was not disappointed. Bravo.

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nubbinownz responds:

wonderful review. It's very "reviewEsque" like something i would read on the back of a book. Thank you ! :D


This has got to be the longest song you have written that I know of. The strings are perfect especialy before the hard beats at 5:40 its calming then it just breaks out like someones mind after realizing whats happened and then explodes. Amazing song. havnt been on newgrounds in a while and just read the comments and im sorry. But this is amazing. You truly are an amzing writer. I have really enjoyed this song.

nubbinownz responds:

Thank you so much snowmane. Don't worry though, things are well now :D

Another story T.T

As sky becomes ground,
and ground becomes darkness.
There is a light.
A light at the end of a tunnel,
a faint candle in a dark room.
You reach toward it,
Just out of reach.
Walking... Running...
Running towards the flame.
As you reach it, it is suddenly extinguished.
No... Noo... NOOOO!!!!!
You scream,
alone in the darkness.
You feel a chill,
not a feeling of cold,
but a sense of evil.
You see a shadow.
Out of the darkness?
No... It can't be!
The black wizard.
Again. Damn.
"I thought we left him in that forest..."
what forest?
Nothing matters now.
Only you and him,
forever foes.
Light against dark.
You stare at him.
He stares back.
A cold, evil stare.
The chills again.
As reason fades,
and awareness to your surroundings becomes ever more distant,
One thing comes to mind.
You leap for him,
pass through him.
What the hell?
This is gona be a lot harder, you think.
As the fire springs from your fingers, and he leaps nimbly out of the way,
you are amazed, if not shocked, at his abilities.
There is but one option.
But, no, that will destroy you and the fabric of reality.
What reality?
What you?
You does not exist anymore.
Just the spell.
As you are torn apart,
the last thing you see is him dissipating into a fine mist.
Screaming in terror, agony, and anger.
You smile, out of happiness and satisfaction,
the last thing you remember.
All becomes black, again.
But this time you see another light.
You reach toward it, but where is your arm?
Where is your body?
You are now an empty soul,
wandering about.
But this place is better...
It's different.
Let's go.

That was probably my longest poem ever written for a review >,<
plz pm me the real one so i know why everyone else is making fun of me :D
Nice crazy drums, but to be honest with you, i think AloysiusRexford owns on that one.
Gratz on #1!!!

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nubbinownz responds:

thank you for this wonderful review <3
and as far as the drums go :P
I completely respect and enjoy aloysiusRexford's music :) 2 very different styles though my friend :D


This song is COLD!

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nubbinownz responds:

I think that's a compliment, so thank you so much :D

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4.38 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2008
6:07 PM EST
File Info
7.6 MB
8 min 20 sec

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