Shadow Play

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After hearing that my last trance song was "generic," I decided to step things up a notch, and this is what I came up with. I kinda made it up as I went along. For me, its still a WIP, so suggestions are welcome :).

"The life of a man is like a shadow play, which must in the end return to nothingness..."


Note: Prior to playing song, please pump up bass. Thank you ~The Management

*edit: WIP status cleared

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Good song.

I liked the beginning very much! I can't ever automate like that even though I know that it's not very complicated automation. I liked the way the filter cutoff for the pulse wave was changing. The filters and chord progression created a strange atmosphere that I can't describe very well.

When the detuned synth came in at 2:17, it didn't fit well with the rest of the song. I think it could be made less harsh (low-pass filter, for example.)

I like the piano at 3:40. Good reverb effect.

Overall, it's a good song. The title fits very well. However, I noticed that there were fluctuations in the volume of the hi-hats, and that everything became quieter when the kick drum sounded. I'm afraid your song is a victim of the "Loudness War"-search this on Google. You're using compressors/limiters to bring the whole song to the peak amplitude, which means that there is no dynamic range whatsoever. I confirmed this by looking at the waveform of the song. This compression ruins the quality of the song. I would suggest reuploading the song uncompressed, so that quality isn't sacrificed for volume. Listeners can simply turn the volume up, right?

I hope my review was helpful.

Loved it

Really liked the song man. I know some of the reviews say it was a bit too generic, and I would slightly agree. It seemed to have the tempo and drive that made it stand out from the crowd. I really liked the speed. Kept your heart racing. But as what was said before it was a little on the stretched side. But never the less, I loved it. Great job

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Seems a little long

After 5 minutes in the song had a strange effect on me, it put me to sleep(not an insult). I do not know entirely what I found soothing in it but it did the trick. Seems more like a long song to dance to, by the end your tired, and sit down to a relaxing finish. I would suggest shortening the song*1-2 minutes* if you want to keep more of an upbeat feel throughout, but I like it how it is. Good job.

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A little repetitive

There's quite a few different components for this piece, which is good for the variation, but it's just not my type of music, I'm afraid. I think that with the way that things pan out, it's a decent effort, but a little on the loud side, as some parts cause static effects on my speakers, which doesn't occur when I'm listening to music on my iTunes.

With that taken into consideration, it's certainly one of those songs that will keep the clubbers bouncing around for 6.5 minutes and will then blend seamlessly into something else quite similar in sound.

To give it a little more marketability, I'd certainly suggest that you get some vocals into the track - that will help to encourage people to listen to the track and remember it. You rarely get people humming and whistling tunes, when they can sing the lyrics (badly) along to the tune playing in their head.

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TheBellmaker responds:

hmmmm, vocals you say? I'll think about that part.

Finally, a review that's not a 10. So I know I can improve a lot more. As for the loudness, the only loud part I can think of is in the beggining where the square jumps in suddenly.

Thanks for an honest review!


Yes, I think most trance songs are generic. But this luckily isn't "most trance songs"! ;)

Even though this song is over 6 minutes long it doesn't get boring, repititve or "generic". I like the various parts you put into the song and even more than that I like how you manage to change from one part to another part without disrupting the flow of the song.

Good work!

{ Review Request Club }

TheBellmaker responds:

Thank you very much for the review Haggard. I really tried to make it as interesting as possible so people would listen to all 6 minutes. Thanks for listening to my song!

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Nov 28, 2008
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