=Guilt and Ecstasy=

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Can an 8-bit song sound epic? That's the question that made me start working on this song. With the Peach VSTi, some good old white noise and a few hours of work, I did my best to make this song sound as epic as possible (without overdoing it, of course).

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I IMAGINE A EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND BAD IN OUTER SPACE, THE ULITIMATE SHOWDOWN IN 16-BIT STYLE, SENDING ME TO THE EPIC UNIVERSE. and it also comes with a hardcore game. a hardcore game fitted with hardcore music: making a epic, kickass, hardcore, old-school gaming era!!!...... i bet this music can make any game awesome!!!


That song is surely legit 8-bit goodness! I love how you drop the bass around 1:15... gives a extremely good winning sensation. Amazing! I think I'm going to get the peach vsti just to see if i can do something alike. Congrats!

No Words

Just...Awesome :D


It really reminds me of the music used in GameBoy Advance Castlevania games =P

Hades responds:

It does have that feel, but that might be because of the intro. It is slightly reminiscent of some Castlevania area themes. Thanks for commenting!


I like it alot the intro was great lol the whole song was actually!

Hades responds:

Thanks! Good to hear!