{ReF} Spaceport (Remix)

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Spaceport (Remix)
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This is originally a song from the game TimeSplitters. I really liked that song, so I thought I could make a remix of it. It really took some time, but now it's finished. So, enjoy!


As far as techno goes..

..I though this was well done. I liked the rock feel to it at the beginning and I felt the sound was interesting and varied. Not a big fan of techno, but I enjoyed this one.
It looks like all the same people are reviewing you music...lol

keep it up!

ReFreezed responds:

I don't know if the genre should be techno for this song. It's kind of a mix of techno, rock and DnB I think. Anyway, thanks for your vote and review!

well done

You can really tell that there was a lot of thought and time put into this because the quality shows it. and time not wasted i must say.
this is really well done, and although its not my favorite one from you it is probably your best work yet.. if that makes sense.. lol
it just sounds professional

even though, believe it or not, Ive never played the game this is still really great stuff.

keep it up :D

ReFreezed responds:

Thanks a lot! It took the whole day to finish it, so I'm glad the result became that good. :)

And I can recommend that you play that game series. They're awesome. :D


I've never heard the original, but I have to assume this is at least as good. Because it sounds awesome! I'm going to try to leave a good review here, but since I'm tired it might end up as a wall of nonsense. I'm hoping it doesn't.

First off, I really like how you switched between high-energy and low-energy, it really made the two levels stand out from each other. Next, I thought the sliding bass note was pretty cool. I don't hear that a lot, even though it's a pretty cool sound. Next, drum solos are fantastic! :) I don't recognize these drums as anything I've heard before, and if they sound original it really helps the song.

The only thing I didn't really like was the guitar. It sounded a lot like FL Slayer, which just doesn't do much for me. Maybe if you added some effects to change up the sound of it instead of one note played the same as the last.

Otherwise, very good job on this. I'd give you a nine because I didn't like the guitar, but since that's not your fault and because I'm feeling generous, I'll give you a nice 10. Keep up the good work and thanks for reviewing my stuff!


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ReFreezed responds:

Awesome review! :D I'm quite happy with the drums. Maybe the volume could be changed at some places, but it's good enough. And yeah, the guitar might not be the best. It's hard to make the FL Slayer sound good, but I tried my best. :) Thanks for your generous 10!


It is very well made, my songs wouldnt compare to yours. I might use it in the flash im making!

[And Thanks For The Comment On My Drawing :D]


ReFreezed responds:

Hey, thanks man! Glad you liked it. And I would love it if you would use it in a flash :D


First vote, and first review.

This is pretty awesome. Sounds a lot like a doom song or something.

Could deffintly be described as one. Great job.

Sweet little drums solos make it awesomerz

Keep adding {Ref} to your songs man... makes them easy to spot out.

Awaiting more for me to review =D

ReFreezed responds:

:D Yeah, I think the drums came out pretty good. Thanks for listening and reviewing!

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Nov 26, 2008
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