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Author Comments

newest after 4 months of silence. I hope you enjoy it!!! please vote and review fairly!!! its been a while XD


Song is ballin, playa

OBAD HAI! Laughaughawleuxlulolelol governator.

Can you guess his name?

Oh and nice song. I am reviewing all of your stuff in reverse chronological order.

Twistedtechnology responds:

rofl freakin sweet. I see arnold had his say as well XD thanks for the review man!

Was worth the wait.

I have to say I am impressed with the new tracks. I always liked your stuff but these new ones are your best, so far.

Twistedtechnology responds:

I actually feel the same way :) Normally I feel kinda iffy as to whether or not a track is as good as people say it is, but thats normally out of personal opinion lol.

But for these two, i really put a lot of time and effort into them and i am quite proud of them!!! I really appreciate you leaving reviews!!! You're the first person from my myspace account to actually do that :)

This is what I've been waiting for.

After checking your page every few days for the past two or so months, and leaving reviews for your songs every once in a while, I finally found something!

I really like the style you do your tracks. Everything good about techno is in here, and everything that's bad was flipped upside down and turned awesome. Your bass isn't as deep and pumping as a lot of tracks, but there is still a very good balance to the sounds. The percussion is fantastic, and even though it could have used a snare like S3C said, it still carries itself fine.

I love your variety of sounds, all of your songs sound completely new. I'm thrilled you have a new song, and I'm really looking forward to more!

Twistedtechnology responds:

And it is reading reviews like this in the darkest of writers blocks that ecourages me to press forward and making new songs! As much as i love critical reviews like the ones my friend s3c leaves me, i equally love and appriciate comments like these.
It's refreshing to see that people not only still visit my site, but are still eager for more. I'm also glad to hear i was able to take what you didnt like about techno and flip it into something you could enjoy! It's not easy task to take anyone thing that people might not like and apply it in a way that would be deemed acceptable! And now that i review even further, (S3c i forgot to mention this to you) but the reason I kept the bass at a rather moderate level rather than have it stand out was due to volume levels. I've become very stingey when it comes to mastering the volume levels, so if itstarts pushing red when it doenst need to or by the wrong instrument at the wrong time, im gonna lower it. Also i felt that the bass wasn't going to be a focal point in this song, too many techno songs revolve around it, and although I admit its a very strong point in many songs of this genre, i felt it didnt really fit the style I was aiming for here anyway.) The snare...lol yea kinda messed up there. could have used a more noticable sample there, but I guess im just gonna have to look out in the future for that one lol.

Thanks a million for your review my friend, and please continue to watch for more! Your review has actually encouraged me to compose another one XD

Tim aka Twistedtechnology!


I really enjoyed this track a lot. This is some epic work.

Twistedtechnology responds:

thanks :) glad you liked it!

Welcome back!

Welcome back Tim! as I said over MSN, this track has some deep, interesting textures paired with well sequenced drums and transitions, and adventurous and catchy melodies! Listening to it over once again, I do think I can give a few criticims on here, but you definetly do not sound rusty ;)

Definetly digging that soft, ambient pad you start with. The atmosphere to me almost calls for a bit of experimental percussion bits, maybe some glitchy rhythms, or even ethnic percussion, I think that'd really make for an interesting intro. ;) Otherwises, beats were pretty decent in the intro, synths were brought in at the right time, I love when that sick vanguard arp kicks in ;) Favorite synth that sounds awesome comes in around 1:05 (it starts reminding me of Vectorman hehe). Supersaw melodies were very nice, especially like the fast 16 note arppeggios. And it doesnt sound too bad in there too, and I usually hate supersaws.

Bass sounds a bit weak, I'd mess with giving it more resonance perhaps, maybe more distortion or even sidechain it to create a powerful combo with the kick.

I also dont really hear a snare in here, other than in transitions and the intro, and near the end :(, i'd definetly think the epicness of this track could be raisd with a fat dance snare sample, I think after the transitioning at 1:25 would be a great place to throw it in.

Another good point I'd have to note out is how you kind of blend in the melodies with two of the arps synths, to the point where they dont interfere with each other, yet mesh together quite smoothly. You're really good at transitioning your parts once again, with the drum patterns and well placed reversed crash samples, but I might say that there was perhaps a little bit too much transitions in this piece, just let the music flow ;)

That "twinkle" bell (gee, cant remember the proper name) was a very nice addition to, and that glassy synth that starts at 3:11 was sweet too, wish I could hear more of it. Maybe throw it in once again at the end.

So all in all, a solid track! Not really any detriments in here (other than the lack of snare), just some suggestions that I personally think would augment the overall production of this track :) Keep pumping em out!

Twistedtechnology responds:

hmm. i see what you're saying about the transitions and definitely the snare.

I was wanting to make the intro a bit more glitchy than just the snare glitch, but the problem with the stupid plugin that does it makes it to where everything has to be in perfect place and i'd have to run several seperate instances of the damn thing in one pattern to get the effects i wanted, and for not having done this in a while, i didnt have that much patience lol.

Bass ,as you can kind of guess, was never really my strongest area. it is kinda weak now that i listen to it. lol i havent sidechained in ages. And cant even say i really remember how to do it D: although i would agree it would greatly improve the sound of the bass.

definitely thing I will have to look out for in the future!
Thanks so much for the review my friend :)

You gotta lemme know when you yourself are writing a new piece XD

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Credits & Info

4.36 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2008
5:34 PM EST
File Info
3.8 MB
4 min 10 sec

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