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Bridal Creeper

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I've been working on Bridal Creeper for a little while now, I think it's been a couple of weeks on and off. I started it, and then showed it to MaestroRage, then he told me what he thought. It needed more work. I went back, got rid of some stuff, put some more stuff in, showed it to Night-Mare. He liked it. :D
Then I worked on what I had, bringing the song to its potential. Now, I'm quite happy with how it is at the moment.

I'll point out now that a lot of this was made with samples and presets. The drums and bass are samples. Some other instruments are samples too, some a re presets. There's one or two instruments there that were created from scratch on 3xOsc. The lead was 3xOsc from scratch, the alternate lead at the end was a tweaked preset channel 3xOsc. I like the "vintage" feel I get from using sampled instruments and presets. I also like to prove that using presets and samples isn't really a "cop out" as long as you use them right.

Thanks goes to MaestroRage and Night-Mare for giving their opinions on this piece. Inspiration came from the Australian electronic duo, The Presets. Their music is awesome, and while their mood and tempo are different to what I have here, the concept behind the music still shines through. Also, there's a little bit of inspiration from Envy and ZENON, two very talented Newgrounds artists. Check them out. While this isn't even remotely close to Envy's Heaven songs, or ZENON's frickin' awesome Goa tracks, I'd still like to thank these guys for their top notch music, keep it up guys.

Yeah, thanks for listening, I'd love it if you'd drop a review or a vote, and if you like it, I'd love it if you'd favourite the song, favourite me as an artist and/or check out some of my other songs, although I feel this is one of my better songs. I hope you enjoy listening to this song as much as I had making it.


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This one is probably one of your 10 best tracks.
Some very cool effects and a nice feeling.
It felt a little weak at some times, but it really doesen't matter...
Most of the track was very strong, so you get a 9/10, 4/5 by me!

WritersBlock responds:

Haha, thanks! I pulled out some techniques I don't normaly use, and I think that really brought this track to life. ;D


The first full silence was slightly offputting as it threw the song a bit, but it did go into a good beat and rythmn, very well made piece of music. Sounded great. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards -

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. :)

Good beat

Coming soon to a gymnasium near you, this track has a good beat for lifting weights or keeping a steady pace on cardiovascular equipment - just what is needed when you're working out.

I think that it's really a case of a nicely balanced piece. Saying it has a good beat really doesn't carry it far enough, as you've produced a far better piece than just the beat - both the melody and counter melody have excelled and this piece has quite a few layers of quality programming / arrangement, making up one hell of a tune.

Not sure about the name though...

[Review Request Club]

WritersBlock responds:

Lol, I never thought of it like that. ;D
The song was actually meant to have a darker tone to it, and then name "bridal creeper" is the name of a weed that spreads and strangles plants. I just remembered it from childhood, and yeah, the name just stuck.
Thanks for your comments. <3

Great song

This is great! Everything flows really well together here. The melodies, the background beats. And everything is mixed very well, too.

Even though the song is nearly 5 minutes long it doesn't get repititve or boring, not even for one single second! Amazing. :)

I just listened to this, while I was doing other things (like browsing the web) and I came to the conclusion that this can be used perfectly as background music in nearly any kind of game. It is nice to listen to, but it doesn't distract you from what you are doing.

Again: Great song!

{ Review Request Club }

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks haggard. I'm really glad you like this. I feel that the quality of my music has stepped up a notch lately.

Love it!

Abso-fucking-awesome song, I love this.
I actually can't stop listening to it, it's just so awesome!

Intro's great, endings good, and everything in between is just brilliant.
Really good to just listen, and chill to.
Well done, awesome song :D

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks, mate! So glad to hear you like it.

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4.53 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2008
5:27 AM EST
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