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[KH] Simple and Clean

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Author Comments

Hi to everyone, little old Cosmos here giving you all yet another remix. As to that this one is not finished yet, but due to my lack of ideas at the moment I have decided to submit it to the site for now. My hope being that all or any of you can give me some insight as to what needs to be done. Really though, any help would be appreciated.

But really though, I am sorry for being away for so long. I, frankly speaking, got interested in other things besides composing, and since I am not exactly talented with it, well, I figured I would step aside and allow someone else to take the tiny little space I left behind. I only hope that you all enjoy this, good luck with all your various adventures and may Cernunous and the Mother give you all strength, so mote it be!

On a side note, I wouldn't recommend downloading this piece as it is not finished...yet. But I figure a preview won't hurt.




its... ok. the main problem i have with it, is the drums, they are rather obnoxious in my opinion, the rest of the song, is actually pretty good, but oh well. other then that, great job keep it up.


Cosmos8942 responds:

In my own way I agree with you...the drums can be a bit...overwhelming. But I will be remastering this one soon to take care of some of the clipping issues and tone the drums down a bit...I hope it will be good enough...




Cosmos8942 responds:

Just click on the little heart with the + sign next to my name in the upper left hand corner of the window. Thanks for the addition though :D. I am nearly finished with this one. ^^


yeah, you already know what i'm gonna say.

SLAYER!!! ICK!! SLAYER!!! Ok i got that out of my system. It doesn't sound that bad but i think you could do much better then slayer with this song. The song along brings out high expectations of your listeners you can at least do better then slayer lol. Yes, you are getting clipping to this song pretty badly hah. I'm sure you already knew that. I'd even say add a choir in there man. Heck even get with me on MSN some time and i'll see what else i can do to help with this! (If i don't lose my patience with it lol)



Cosmos8942 responds:

Rofl, you mean like you have once already? ;p But that clipping I was already aware of, I was just wondering what people would think of it with the clipping in there, which, in sort, the reply(s) from my listeners so far has not been that bad which leads me to believe that I should keep going with this piece. So as such, I will do just that. Time for a short break before I get around to finishing up this song. UNTIL THEN PEOPLE!


Yes yes, I will get on msn when I can. A full-time job isn't the greatest way to go for free-time .-.

not bad, but could use some tweaking

This song is pretty good, however something has to be done about that clipping. I'd also recommend increasing the gain on the bass guitar slightly, since it provides the foundation to the chords.

Cosmos8942 responds:

Hmm, increasing the bass chord eh? Well I will think about that since I also noticed. First thing though is the clipping. I will let you know when I re-submit this piece in its, more or less, finished version.



zomg clipping
imo moar compression

Cosmos8942 responds:

Yep, that clipping I noticed, but was too lazy to really do anything with. But since this isn't the finished version I say....don't care ;p. I will fix it though...just you wait.


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4.30 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2008
10:48 PM EST
Video Game
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