/M: Altered Reality

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Well... After 5 months and 1 day, I finally got something finished.
I started more than a dozen of projects, most of them progressed pretty far, but this one's finished now :)
I tried to do some goa, which worked out pretty well in the intro like you might hear. I got some tips for ZENON himself, (thanks man :p) and worked out a bunch of things myself too.
But because I'm used to making trance (also those projects still lying around) it all morphed into a happyish trancy thing. I think it worked out pretty well :)

Anyway, enjoy it I guess, and I encourage you to review it.
If you like it, you know where the fav links and the download link are :p

I'm not going to dedicate this I think, because I know I can do better than this. ^^



it sounds really good i like the bass where it repeats kinda like duhduh duh duh
very nice work i really like it nice job oh and hope this didnt give ya too much trouble it must have been worth it cuz this is good ^(^

Mich responds:

That's a typical goa bass ^.^
Didn't give me trouble no :p^I had fun making it, though it took me a while to get new inspiration ;)

Thanks for enjoying/reviewing!

Wheehehehehehe! My laptop's all vibratey!

Love that bassline, on the basis that my laptop appears to have come alive and is now juddering its way across the desk. To freedom! To glory! Or to smash in a plasticy pile of it's own casing. Ha-ha! Caught! Now I think I've rambled on like a crazy person for long enough, so lets try and review this thingie. All right, first off I will admit, at the very beginning, 'bout 6 seconds in I was expecting "I'm the Scatman!" to start playing (or whatever the hell that songs called) and I absolutely love it from around 1:36, mostly because it is so bloody happy that it makes me want to hug something. Damn you! What will happen to my reputation as an unhuggable person! You fool!

Hammerypart says: Whew! To much caffiene this morning to make a semi-coherent review. Also ZEEEEEEEEEEENON (you have no idea how tempting it is for me to call him ZEEEEENOMNOMNOM!) also tottally stole my thunder by creating a long AND helpful review. So I decided to rebalance things. Aaaaanyhoo! Cya 'round!

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Mich responds:

Haha, I quite enjoyed your review, if that helps :)
hope your laptop is ok, and I'm happy it made you happy :D

Well sounds like...

A lot of work, I wonder what was going through your head while you were making this Altered Reality... hmm any details, I gotta think of dolphines and flying over the ocean in the sunshine. Would be interesting, did something special inspire you or did it come from nowhere? I'm of the opinion that the metaphysical/fantasy side of the music has been forgotten by many nowadays and many don't even ask what's their association with the music. Anyway, thanks for the flight
check out my new 2 songs if you have time/interest, They're more electric than I usually do and pretty experimental although it's very far away from your kind of music and style
greets hb87

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Mich responds:

Well, don't underestimate my music taste ^^
Thanks for the review, I don't really know what inspired me, I just wanted to make some goa, after listening to a lot of Zenon's work. But I guess I'm more into trance ^.^

Most of the melodies where written about 2 months ago I think, I just dug this song up about a week ago from all my works in progress. Glad you liked it! *goes to listen to his 2 latest songs*


I think you just boosted to a whole new level =O. This is just amazing man im really impressed. The intro building up was just PERFECT! Also this piece is really original! This is...awesome...


Keep it up man.

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Mich responds:

Whoa! It's good coming back after 2 days and read some nice reviews :D
Thank you for your review !

Very good.

Well, I thought it was gonna sound really cheesy with that bassline and such, but man, that little melody you wrote was actually pretty catchy. I liked the clap and the bass synth, but there wasn't enough substance to it. Since the kick and the bass synth made the whole song have some minor compression problems (just crank up the track and you'll hear them) I'd suggest re-EQing the bass; it's a little strong. Maybe layer on a more mid frequency bass synth for less of a thuddy sound?

Very good, like I said before, just work on your arrangement a little bit and some other minor things and you'll be wiping my face in your piss with your music in no time D:

Keep it easy bro!


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Mich responds:

Well you know what, I have another start of a goa track lying around, and that bass is pretty perfect imo ^^
I'll try to use it in this one as well, and upload that file for this one. I reckon it won't get to 3000 listens soon anyway, with that score :p
Thanks for enjoying it so much, and again, thanks for all this tips you gave me.

I'll keep it easy for sure, bro! ^^

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Nov 14, 2008
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