Brass City 2.0

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Due to popular demand, I have remastered the song, Brass City!

Original Here
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/158675



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Okay, THIS is the best song so far.. 11

I found something I thought you'd find funny :)


Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas! :D

Nice work

Another good sound for the people of Brass City. I almost want to go there myself as well. It sounds as if you've taken it further from the original piece, so that's comforting to know.

A good beat and a relatively simple loop of the few notes up and down the keyboard for the staple of it all, followed nicely by a good smattering of variation, that really does count for the marks of this piece - something that's aiming to be epic, but isn't quite there.

Of course, it all depends on what exactly you're aiming for the inhabitants of Brass City to do with their lives. This city sounds like it's a technologically advanced place, so I can quite empathise with the techno sounds that are here to symbolise it.

With a few more tweaks, possibly even a few extra parts, you'd be able to take us on a virtual tour of the place through the music - perhaps a residential district, then a craft quarter, perchance?

[Review Request Club]

Mexifry responds:

Wow, I just thought Brass City was a cool name.
You really took it to the next level.\
I never thought of it that way.

Thanks! :D


The instrumental progression of this song is very impressive, it sounded great and the tune was quite powerful. I will check out the original for comparison sake.
Keep up the good work.

Kind regards -

Mexifry responds:

Thanks! :D

Better than the first version

I think this is better than the first version. It sounds a lot cleaner and not so distorted as the first version.

I also noticed that you added a few parts to it, which is a good thing. You took away some of the repititiveness of the first version, so now the song sounds a lot better. Good job!

{ Review Request Club }

Mexifry responds:

A lot of people like a lot more cause it isn't so repetative. :)

I thought I heard this before. =P

I'm pretty sure that I reviewed the original of this because I remember the beat that you used.

My last review stated - I don't really see it as too repetitive because you do mix it up a lot throughout the song. The part that you added in around 1:12 or 1:13 was a nice addition. That's what I felt mixed it up enough. You had a nice build up to the ending and a nice fadeout/ending. Overall, not too bad.

This one I can say is a lot better. It's much cleaner and sounds like it has much better quality than the last one. I also think it's a pretty catchy beat. All around a good submission.

Mexifry responds:

It's a remastering of the last one. So you should remember the beat. :P

Thanks! :)

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Nov 10, 2008
10:55 PM EST
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