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RPG Boss Battle Music. Comments?


Excellent. Very well done.

-Overall- 10/10
I can seriously get in the groove of a showdown of strengths, a duel of dominance, a fight of fates...... if you will. The whole song is great, I find myself tapping out the beat, and it's wonderful.

-Creativity- 10/10
The only Newgrounds author I know who makes music this excellent is ParagonX9. I am just amazed with the amount of effort you put into this, and I am very glad you submitted this. Favorited on my Newgrounds account AND on my web browser, even downloaded.

-Layout- 9/10
If I were to use this in a video game, I'd most likely put this in as a main boss, or possibly even a final boss. You did great with the whole song, but I find that there wasn't any...... climax, if you will. It just revolves around a single point, and no moment that grabs my full attention. That's something that could use a bit of editing, but no other problems. Nice work.

Add a bit of a climax near the end, something like an impact that just draws someone's attention. Other than that, phenomenal work. Keep it coming, Patrick-3005!

Sounds like GOOD RPG music, not TYPICAL RPG music.

Unlike the reviewer below who apparently thinks RPG = FF7, this actually does have an RPG Boss vibe to me. Players who play something other than FF7 might be able to hear it. This track also has a good enough base to it that it's not limited to just RPGs. I could easily see this track in a fighting game, arcade style.

It's probably just my style, but I like the minimalism in this song. The lack of a melody creates an interesting mood. It has a lot of repetition in places, but it's nicely varied overall, so it doesn't get boring.

At around 2:57, however, this song hits a very sore spot. Too much with the cymbal clash and way too high. It's too sharp over the rest of the track. Again, that may just be me, but it kinda hurt to hear in my headphones and really stuck out like a loose nail in an otherwise smooth track.

For the most part, though, this is a good track. It reminds me of Persona 2, which is a very good thing. It sounds solid and fits in an RPG without sounding typical. It's not the usual, which gives it strength. Just work out overpowering or deafening with sounds that are too sharp. They distract from the song and, if it's in a game, they distract you from what you're doing.

patrick-3005 responds:

dude, that was a great review, please review more of my stuff. well thought out.

im not feelin it

i think ur other music is great but this isnt :P

patrick-3005 responds:

Fair enough. This is one of my oldest pieces of work I've done. I just decided to slap it up for giggles. This goes back like 7 years.

nice rythme...

But no real melody. It started sounded good when when it picked up a bit aroung 00.40 secs or so when it appeared a melody was arising. Start to really feel it, but...then it kidna repeats and then ceases eventually. Generally it sounds kinda empty.

And dont mind the guy before me. He's being too narrow in the concept of RPG battles and boss battle music. Comparing it only to FF7. The song its self started to feel kinda like Parasite's eve battle music. But like said before, it feels kinda empty. But your definitly have something going.

I really suggest adding some more to it. I'd really love to hear it. And i'll even download it so i can listen to it on my media player.

This song has sme good potential. Please dont waste it. Dont really hear boss or battle like music going in this kinda route.

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patrick-3005 responds:

Thanks for taking the time to listen and write such a well thought out review. Really appreciate it. If you have time please check out some of my other songs.

It doesn't really remind me of that.

I can remember FF7's boss battle themes and this doesn't remind me of any of them. This reminds me more of one of those online psuedo-japanese games, like maybe a stage on one of those or something. The problem is that it's too techno while the FF7 normal boss theme is more rocknroll. The Jenova theme is a little closer to this song than the normal boss theme but not close really. This song is mostly drum&bass though.

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