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Dragon On Salvia

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Author Comments

Completed this song today. Based it off of a certain experience i had on salvia. anyone who does it has to know how easy it is to have a bad trip on that stuff. so enjoy.



This would go great with my song "Lunch Time." Great Work. I added this to my favs. 5/5

Oavatos responds:

hehe XD thank you very much. Wow. I'm amazed. for one of my older tracks this is getting a lot of good reviews.

good ol Salvia!!

I've done a bit of that subststance and this track kinda represents the mood and feel. The glitch vocals are pretty cool, though if you want a really good glitch VST get dBlueglitch ;) And I agree with Prothetic on this one about Doupting Thomas its like a soundtrack. Awesome work

Oavatos responds:

hehe I've got dblueglitch in my VST's already. it's really nice. And hehe went to go check out Doubting Thomas. had no idea it was side project by skinny puppy members.


wow!... this... is new...

-nice melody
-acheived difficult vocal stutter
-nice vocal
-bass linient (*I like ;P *)

-very repetitive main melody

Oavatos responds:

Hehe XP thank you very much. I realize now a couple months later that that melody was repetitive but my trip on salvia was almost a constant repitition. though a change of melody would be rather good I think >.=.< this is oddly enough the most succesful song i have on newgrounds so I have to be doing something right, though unlike my other songs this one had life changing inspiration behind it and that's the life changing experience of a horrid trip on drugs. success obviously requires emotion I suppose XP thank you much for the review

Well done.

I really liked this.

I found a few parts a little repetitive, like the repetition of the main theme (kick 4-on-floor and that synthy piano), but perhaps that was to replicate the psychedelic experience.

I enjoyed your vocal effects quite a lot; I tried to get a similar sound before, but have sort of struggled, especially in stuttering them exactly the way I want to.

The ending loop was neat, also.

I agree with you in that genres are limiting and you should try to defy them. Create your music as uniquely as possible, which you certainly achieved here.

This almost reminded me of Doubting Thomas; their music is described as "the soundtracks to imaginary films."

All in all, quite a good track. Well done.

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Oavatos responds:

hehe repetition was a theme of that trip as stated above. I remember my life seemingly just like... I don't know how to explain it, it was like a constant attack of the same focus over and over and over at a repetitive speed, majorly hallucinating as well. when it came to the vocals I was trying to recreate this whole thing in my mind where i could hear my friends (obviously you don't want to do salvia alone) and I just couldn't focus on what they said, like their voices where the trippiest thing, and with the constant repetition of focus and I don't know... gah talking about this is freaking me out T.=.T like you really can hear everything the way it would be in real life btu my mind distorted these things itself. it's really hard to explain but it was the most frightening experience in my life. well... aside from a bad experience this sunday. some douchebag laced some of my stuff with what my friends think to be angeldust. i don't think i'm ever doing anything drug related again. hehe I never heard of Doubting Thomas though XP i'll have to check them out.


Never had a bad trip on salvia.
I had to do acid and mescaline for that!
Anyway, cool track. I might partially agree with the previous reviewer on genre choice, but if you're writing a track specifically to fit into a certain genre then you're limiting yourself creatively. So I'm glad this was here, otherwise I might not have heard it!

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Nov 7, 2008
7:52 PM EST
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