Hurried Bells

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bing, bong, bing-bong-bing......
i like bells
and techno
its simple physics


Seemed Promising.

Judging from the name of your track, the bells seem like they were supposed to be the centerpiece of your track, but they completely ruin it for me. Ironically, I actually found them to be the worst part of your track. (This hurts me to say because I really like bells too.)

First, they sound completely flat and off key, and not just slightly flat or off, but as if you tried to make them as flat and off as you could. Second, they sound absolutely cheap, so I would suggest either replacing them with a multisampled bell or a synth to improve the dynamics. (The best kinds of synths for bell sounds seem to be FM synths, so find yourself something like Vivaldi or Ganymed.)

The song seems random and confused, like it has no clue which direction it wants to go in. The first 0 - 1:16 sounds like its going to be a fear-instilling, hyped, sort of dark track that might be fitting for a fight with a final boss or something (ignoring the mood-killing bells, of course) but then from then on it sounds like noise, like I seriously cant even catagorize the rest of the song. But as if that wasnt enough, it returns to the original starting theme at 3:12 into the song. Its almost like my little sister who will decide to paint her room, try every color under the rainbow, and then decide she liked the original color best.

So enough with the wrong, some suggestions:
-A better bell sample
-Finding a general song direction and maintaining it throughout the song (0:56 to 1:16 seems like a good place to start)
-Maybe learning a bit about music theory? (Particularly scales, it might help you get those bells to fit your song better)
-A longer envelope sustain time on the chorus-type instrument that drops around 1:04 (Every time you change notes, you can hear a pop. This should stop that.)

Other than that, just keep trying. Minus the bell sequence, I did actually like the general mood of the first minute of the track. Build on that and you could have something hot, but I would suggest you nix almost everything after that first minute and fifteen seconds.

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Nov 6, 2008
6:46 PM EST
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