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RGH: Unexpected

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It has something for everyone, but not nescasarily everything for someone. 3 movements...


Move it!

This makes me dance. Anyway, keep up the good work.

RyeGuyHead responds:

what sort of dance?


but i still have to constructively criticize this or my review will mean nothing lol - the piano right at the beginning was a tad awkward for the first like 10 seconds but it got better - it just seemed a bit awkward i dunno i cant really explain it - movement into second part of song a tad slow - might have done better a second or 2 sooner but thats personal preference - the rest was very well done

but now we come to ambiance - the first section was way too fosuced in the middle of the speakers - with the headphones on i felt like someone was driving a pike into my head as the sound is very sharp - i think it would have done better to be more evenly spread out - the rest is good tho - throughout all this i didnt really say anything negative - youre pretty good at what you do - you just need a tad more dimension in your song - in fl studio - on the master mixer board youll see where you add the filters - and then the 3 adjustment bars - and the 2 knobs - the first when turned all the way to the left broadens the audio scope of the song - but has to be used sparinly and with other things tweaked for maximum effectiveness - the second just sticks the entire sone on one side of the speakers or another - i found this so much better than any spread filter i may have used in the past. Ive learned many little things that are useful in the past year

your song is solid tho - 5 outta five 10 outta 10!

keep on making songs!


RyeGuyHead responds:

thx shawn its always good to hear from you. Ill admit that I didnt spend much time on surround sound, but I will from now on. How are things with flash nowadays anyways?

Most effort

Never i listened to a song of you with this much diversity. And all of your songs have much diversity! Great shit. When i listened to this song i was jalease at your drums, i wont denie;) but my drumproblems which i had, are over. i dont have much time, only 2 days. But that will be changed in 3 weeks. I feel very bad for the review i got on stars and snow. It got me a few downloads... aw well. I take music i like on my mp3 player to the place i am. Theres some guy who if he listens to my music too long, he gets stoned:P

RyeGuyHead responds:

you might want to tell that guy to see someone for help


That is really damn well composed and presented. Only a few things to worry about. First off, it's very, VERY easy to tell its an x-midi, which is reassuring as it shows its all your work and not some 'fruityloops' crap, but it dosnt have the realistic sounds some other songs have, but theres probably not much you can do about that. GM isnt very good when it comes to guitars. May i reccomend using the pitch bend and modulation wheel a bi... lot more, as this tends to make it sound more realistic, and mabey add some guitar fret noises are really, really low volume. THats one of the later instruments in the list, and can really add some realism if used properly.

I started to feel as if it could of been just a bit faster, mabey just 5 bpm, but it seemed a bit sluggish. The chord patterns are too neat as well. All your instrumts change key at the same time, when somtimes its a better effect for some instruments, i.e. guitar improv to modulate say half a bar after the others, it makes it sound more varied.

Great use of background sound, but somthing i noticed is the background sounds matched the solo a bit too closley in some parts, which made the solo seem.. not like a solo.

Damned good work, i thought i was the only midi-user here :D. *turns constructive critisim mode off*

RyeGuyHead responds:

Thx I will be sure to use your tips in some of my later creations....I never thought that being too neat was going to give me critisisem


dude this one is probably one of my favorites. even though the interlude is a tad bit goofy, it works with the song. definitely liking the rock and the guitars. dude we should record our next jam and post it on this site.

RyeGuyHead responds:

Thank you Caleb, that we should, it would blow everyone away

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Jan 5, 2005
3:37 PM EST
General Rock
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