Broken Piano Remix

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Asked Swisha if i could remix his song, he said yes. Here it is.


im jealous

why didnt i think of that? well guess you beat me to it. so since you already made it. i was hoping if you'd give me permission to use it and make a song out of it. ofcourse id give you credit for it. cuz i hate it when people dont give me credit for what i make and they just take it. so ill give you credit no doubt. im paranoid bout the whole what comes around goes around thing. so may i use the beat? its really good. i like how its touchy. i think it would be real easy to get into someones head with this one. well since im askin for permission ill tell you what i wanna do with it.

my topic is basically about two people who have to split up and go seperate ways because they have different things to do in different places. my best example is war. one person being drafted and the other to stay home. or goin to different colleges in different states. or the family is moving out to a far place and the kid is obviously forced to go with the family. so this topic can pretty much relate to people of all ages young and old.

to get personal with you, im gonna relate to this song hella bad in the future. cuz my parents are moving me to Arizona or Oregon and my girl is gonna stay around central California. i know i can make this song even deeper. so again. may i please use this beat to make a song out of it? id really appreciate it.

illumatiks responds:

Yea of course yu can, n i respect tha fact that yu asked before yu did it, thas wuz good.

Hope everithin work out wit ya girl tho when yu do move, i kno how long distance relationshipz can go, good luck


That sounds really nice man

One thing though, what's up with the HiHat? it's too plain for me man. sounds like u just took the raw sample and used it without tweekin' it out. still, pretty tight. way to go man. holla


great and there was sumin u did...

look at what i wrote when i listened to this(bout a girl at my school) you made me get all emotional
[1st verse]
i remember when i first i saw you and i kept wantin' to call u and spoil you but i didn't dare to approach you when i was around u i choked then people viewed me as the kinda guy who smoked crack but i'm not i just got caught up and was obsessed and now i'm fessin up 'cause we got some catchin' up to do cuz i love u a few other things i gotta say but hay it was nice to c ya anyway i pray for the day that u say "i love you" cuz i don't act like a fool all the time and epspecially not when i rhyme cuz this time i'm being serious and i'm a bit courious that if i ever asked you if u'd say yes or get upset cuz u only wanted to be friends or if it depends
this is a virtual love letter so it won't be shredded up cuz im fed up by the secrets that i keep i even think about you in my sleep
[second verse]
i can't figure out whats worse me or the secrets i keep i just had to leak one out just to shout it out just to put it out there cuz i really care for ya i can't make this stuff if sumin hasn't touched me then inspiration rushes through me but i'm gettin' off subject i was just in fear of being' rejected when we had to part it felt like gettin' shot in the heart and i knew from the start i wanted to be part of your life
[chorus]this is a virtual love letter so it won't be shredded up cuz im fed up by the secrets that i keep i even think about you in my sleep
[3rd verse]
it's like i'm cursed to this obsured type of life cuz i got all the time in the world if you wanna give me a chance so know you know this is where i stand and don't forget
this is a virtual love letter so it won't be shredded up cuz im fed up by the secrets that i keep i even think about you in my sleep


mike I remember this one
evern thought we won't collab anymore
it depends on u
so hit me up anytime cuz honestly
I wanna blow up wit u dawg on everything I love regardless If I make it I'd take wit me ouuta everybody cuz u like my brother dawg

be ezy

Keep uppin'



yo i dont no i luis told u about me or not but this is ill as hell
the only thing is in the bigining the ambience and the otha thing should be synced but othawise damn dawg

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Jan 4, 2005
10:26 PM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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