TC315-Most Annoying Song Ever

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Oh, stop giving me that look. I can't have fun with my music sequencer from time to time? Whatever. I'm assuming this song merits an explanation, doesn't it?

Absolute boredom is what started this whole thing. I was looking through my loops in Cakewalk Music Creator 3, when I came across this oddball in the Miscellaneous folder named "100 Oac jaws harp C 06.wav". It was the absolute most comical loop I've ever heard in my life.
Then I thought: "Hey! I should make a song with this loop!"
The end.

The other way you could look at this is as a satirical prod at the state of the music industry: I will say here and now that the music scene of the United States of America is totally, irretrievably, completely messed up. Take a look at the iTunes Top 10 and the Billboard 200 and see for yourself if I'm joking around or not.
And it's all the fault of one creature: DeAndre "Soulja Boy" Way. He is the sole reason why the music industry has gone to hell. He is the reason personified why people look down on actual rap. Simply put, he is an infernal and avaricious organism whose music has destroyed the IQs of millions.

Ahem. So, if that MFer can make a quick buck or two out of a song that has no melody, makes no sense, is EXTREMELY annoying (and seemingly endless, at that), and violates everything that music is, I could possibly net a download or two from a song that has no melody, makes no sense, and is EXTREMELY annoying (and seemingly endless, at that).
I dunno about the last part. It has a purpose other than money-making, right? And anyway, all NG work is under CC license, so that purpose is defeated -- not that I had it in the first place, I mean.

Yes. So, there you have it. Zero-vote if you must. (That'll only prove you have no understanding of wit -- and for that matter, music. I feel almost sorry for you...)


PS: Oh, you also want to know WHY you want to download this in the first place? To annoy your friends and family, of course! You'll be the talk of the town with your shiny new psuedo-humorous audio loop of social criticism!


It's not really annoying...

it has a more funny air to it. I love it!


The sound would be more annoying after maybe 5 mins... but since you DON'T LOOP IT i get a small break and since i'm hard to annoy... you give my brain time to reset for another dose of annoyance.

I like the joke, yes but would be better if it looped xD i was reading your... long commentary which was more annoying than the song itself lol

TheCommander315 responds:


5 minutes??! That's overkill, dude!



I totally agree on your social commentary. Down with "Soulja Boy!" It was a crap song. Your song, however, was great. It built up in the beginning and I thought something dramatic was coming. But then... *head explodes from annoyingness*
Good work. ~Cheers.

TheCommander315 responds:

Yes, you hear that astro pad and tape backup, think you're in for something special, and then you get facepunched with a jaws harp. Then after a minute you're facepunched again with a one-shot...something and a gong. Lovely, eh?

Thanks for the review. Down with Soulja Moron!


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Oct 31, 2008
4:33 PM EDT
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