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Optimus Crime

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Author Comments

Never a slouch in the lovemaking department, Optimus realizes that I'm nearing desperation too. He squeezes my breasts, thumbing the tips, then one hand ventures down my front to my clit and strokes it, a kinky gleam in his optic. Oh, oh, I can't stand it any longer! He chuckles and I glare at him but I'm past caring by this point. He grasps my waist with both hands, and I allow him to raise me up off of his lap. I hang there suspended for a moment, then he yanks me down, impaling my wide-open core on his pulsing cock.

I scream as I cum suddenly, thrashing about on that lovely rod buried deep inside, frictioning madly. It's all Prime can do to hold on to me and make sure I don't topple us both. He watches with wide optics, eating up the sight of me madly humping his interface, lost to everything but release. Soon the pulsations wind down, and I come down from my high, sagging against his chest. He pats my back, waiting for me to recover. I lay there for a moment, but when he shifts slightly I feel his cock rub me and it sends my desire spiraling upward once more. I straighten up and begin to ride him as best I can, rising up and then thrusting back down on his burning cord. We moan and pant together, coolant dripping off of us. I desperately want him to stroke my breasts, but his hands are busy on my hips, helping me pump in and out of him. I assure that I won't topple over without my hands in place, then I raise them to my breasts, squeezing them slightly as I rub the nipples with my thumbs. "Aaaahhhhhhh," I sigh, feeling a third orgasm speeding its way towards me. I hump against him desperately, trying to rub my clit against his body.
Prime's panting changes in pitch, and he begins to delve into me powerfully. I feel spasms beginning to grip his cock, and I smile in ecstasy as I bear down on him. "Ohhhh, yes!" he moans as his pleasure peaks, then his shaft erupts, spewing a torrent of cum into me. I shriek as the warm liquid coats my insides, the sensation bringing me to the brink. My hands dive for my interface, stroking for all they're worth, and soon I am joining him in the throes of release. I collapse on top of him, moaning as my core tenses against him, squeezing his shaft. He gasps at the sensation, causing more fluid to spill out from his cock in a small orgasm. We stare at each other feverishly as the spasms subside.

"Mmmm," I sigh contentedly, snuggling against his chest, feeling his cock deflate. He strokes my back reassuringly, and for a moment I am happy to lie still against him. Once my body begins to calm, I straighten up and plant a kiss on his parted lips. "Thanks for the ride, handsome," I purr. "We really should do this again."

"Uhh... how was I?" he asks a bit self-consciously.
I smirk. "You were the best fuck I've ever had."


Heh lol

"Oh shit, got my coolant ALL over my processor!"


That sounded completely fugly, and my ears feel violated. The only reason i'm giving you any stars is because that's what getting raped by Optimus Prime probably sounds like.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to convince my ears to not commit suicide.


MadCow responds:

You're just too ignorant to understand.

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1.66 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2008
10:16 PM EDT
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6 min 38 sec

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