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Slave - full

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Author Comments

EDIT: Fixed volume, I think

Full lyrics. I'm still picking through them to see if I want to leave them like this, or change it. And I gotta work on my delivery of a couple of lines in the second, new part, but like I said I'm still working on the lyrics. I like the direction it's going, though.

Note: I use a pair of headphones for a mic. Not a headset, -headphones-. If you plug a pair into your mic port it'll record, but the quality is (understandably) crappy. It removes almost all of the deep tones from my voice. It also makes it seem like I'm using effects, but these last two have had no effects on them at all. Don't hate because I'm too poor to buy a real microphone. I'll do it someday, when I graduate from college.

Another note: don't hate because my lyrics are different. I rap and sing about subjects I want to. If you feel the song is too sad for you, then listen to something else. I can only write about what I know. I like my lyrics, and many people have told me I write fantastic songs when it comes to content and style. I'm not trying to be famous here, I just like to share what I create. I'm an artist. I appreciate comments and constructive criticism, as well.\ Now then, onto the lyrics.

There she go again
did the gravest sin
didn't get the dinner in
yet again, dirty bitch
bust her in the chin
watch her head spin
caving both her eyes in
stifling the life within

Daddy's little soldier
always donig what he told her
Even when he sold her
Even when he told her
That she wasn't worth shit
right before he hit
her in the face
Not a place
That was safe
for the girl
so she gave her world
The very next day
didn't wait
didn't wanna wait
Didn't wanna take
the chance with fate
took the escape
that was placed
in her front of her face

Didn't wait for a better date
a better day, better way
should've ran away
when he raped
her body and soul
but the world was too cold
and she'd done been sold
bought and paid for
so she paid for her
in the worst kinda way

Every way, every day
owned in every way
Always gotta pay
for what she didn't do
So she went through
and broke
and bruised she stayed with the fool
Cause she never knew
What it meant to be free
Not this fallacy
that had come to be
the only love that she could see
punctuated with a fist
never miss, not a kiss
just a fist and this
is what she lived for
A life that was sold

A life in slavery
isn't what she planned to be
Isn't how she aimed to be
but she always aimed to please
and so she pleased
the filthy beast
That had her on her knees
had her leashed
til she ceased to breathe
and kept her on her knees
best place for a girl to be
so she don't try to reach
for her dreams
so she won't scream
cause she can't scream
cause she won't scream
This is what love
is supposed to be.

So it came to be
that she gave up on her dreams
living in this misery
that was all that she could see
she had kids, there were three
a little girl in
another girl to beat
another mouth to feed
one more mouth to bleed
another heart in need
of a mommy that could hold her
she couldn't hold her, she'd
withold her shoulder
while she told her
what her daddy did
selling drugs to the kids
but not his kids
she wasn't his
she didn't have a dick

she couldn't pick
She just had this shit
another kid
in this shit
It starts again
with her daughter
one day a man saw her
so he bought her
Just another slave
Just another goddamn slave to a dick

Over and over again
The circle begins
Your kids get
what you give
They grow up to be you
go through the same shit that you been through
And then some
So think about that
when you're lying on your back
and he's beating in your face
and you see your daughters face
in the hall
Do you think of her at all?
This is what you're giving her
This is what you cry for
So she can cry for
the legacy that her mother gave her
when she let's a man take her
and beat her
and make her
give up on everything
give up on herself
and the world
She's just another slave
She'll always behave because
She's just another goddamn slave
another goddamn slave
Like you

Thanks mom


barely hear ya

lyrics are badass but i cant hear em in the song that well. good anyways.

disposableheroine responds:

yeah i know. I gotta figure out a way around it. The "mic" i use records everything really quietly, and turning the music down too much fucks it all up....but turning the track with vocals up makes em sound horrible and staticy! >.<

Thanks a lot, though!

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3.96 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2008
8:23 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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3.9 MB
4 min 14 sec

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