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An End To The Universe

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Time for some old-school Reasoner madness! And yes....that is my voice at the beginning in all its cheesy goodness whispering into my cheap, built-in mic on my blueberry iMac. Memories.....sweet memories.

Not much to say about this one. It was submitted to preserve it off my computer and to give everyone something to bob their heads to. It's not deep, intricate or compelling. Just a track I did a long....long....time ago. Thanks for listening and rock out!

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Man, I still remember kid me loving this song. I showed it to a bunch of people I knew. The only person who never liked it was my mom; I'd blast this song from our garbage desktop when she had her friends over, thinking they'd come over and ask me what song it was.

This is just brilliant. Honestly, you're great at emotional piano-oriented tracks and they seem to be your forte, but you've got a great talent for techno/trance like this too. It may not be your typical trance song, and the production/mixing isn't particularly good, but the composition is so good and the structure is so well-thought-out that I couldn't help but give this a full score.

First off, brilliant atmosphere. Right from the beginning the spacey feeling hit me right in the face with the soft trance pluck. The pad entrance around half a minute in was absolutely incredible. The chords were spot-on, and they really created an atmosphere that pulls you in and clutches you in its grasp until the end of these six-and-a-half minutes of ear-candy. Also, that... thing at 1:13. Yeah, that portamento/pitch-bend right there. Wow. Excellent touch.

However, truth be told, what really grabbed my attention in this song would be the intro. It's so long and stretched out that by the end of nearly 2 and a half minutes of an intro, the transition at 2:17 was IMMENSELY satisfying.

Seriously, you executed it wonderfully - you kept on building up intensity with deep pad chords and the hat-line towards the end, and then you let it all out at 2:17 making for one of my favourite transitions from all the songs I've ever listened to. I like how you took out the pads at 2:17 as well and changed the mood to a more jumpy/lively feel rather than all ambient and serious with those bigass pads.

The rest of the song was all good. You kept up the spacey feeling and moreover you kept the song energetic and lively with a healthy dosage of trance drums and upbeat melodies. I would've liked to hear a few more spacey effects throughout the song though. I mean you achieved an awesome atmosphere already but some more spacey effects would really give this song an edge and make it sound more interesting sound-wise (because composition-wise it doesn't get more interesting than this).

Speaking of that... yeah the composition was out of this world, just like in your other tracks. The melodies were harmonised beautifully and sounded catchy as well. 2:32 is a prime example of a catchy, likeable tune that still fits fantastically in the theme. The notes themselves were in a pretty high octave but they didn't really sound annoying. In fact, at around 4:25, the fact that the melodies are so high-pitched really helped intensify that climax.

...Which brings me to my next point. The climax is amazing. The transition towards the climax was great; definitely my second favourite transition in this track. I'm always one for adding climaxes towards the outros of songs since they just make the ending sound so much more satisfying, and here is no exception. That climax was just great.

And then the part afterwards leading to the ending was also great. After a smooth transition at 5:25 I could tell the song was getting ready to end because you started building down, and this is more proof of how good the structure in this song is. It's not predictable, but not random. Very solid, satisfying and is only supported by excellent transitions. By the way, I love the ending. The pads playing that final chord ended the song flawlessly.

Lastly, we've got the drums. Overall they aren't really that impressive. They're fitting and they don't exactly sound bad but if you actually listen to the drums on their own you'll hear that they really don't have much variety at all. That, and the drum sounds themselves aren't that revolutionary either - just typical trance drums playing typical, repetitive trance beats. I'm not saying they don't fit, but I do think you could've done a little more with them.

I know this track is old and I've had it in my music library for a considerably long time now, but I thought it was about time to get around to reviewing it. All in all I think you did a great job at this. Goes to show how good composition and transitions/structure can make anything sound fantastic, even if it's just a typical arrangement of trance sounds. Keep it up!


once again i write a review.

you never stop making me laud you, doyou reasoner! :D *happy face*

you know. i was keep on thinking. since this sounds SO much futuristic, it made me think about something. like use it for a futuristic combat/race type of format.

and i figured it would work out very nice.

my idea's are yet to be reveiled. not yet.

this is just that perfect song that i can use. (ofcourse. all credits go to you.)

This made me think a lot.

This was very good, I think it is good anyway.

Another great work by the Master of Sound

Reasoner, you never cease to amaze me with the music you have written. 5/5, 10/10. Again. Only the soulless demons and trolls of NG can possibly give you anything less than a perfect score!

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4.90 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2008
9:41 PM EDT
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