Desolated City of Ice

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A group of seven travelers emerge from the perilous caverns to rest in a completely desolate, frozen town up north.

An old song of mine. I haven't changed anything really, just felt like moving it to my new account. Enjoi!


You, sir, have inspired a new creepypasta.
Right now, it's probably 70 degrees Fahrenheit in this room, and yet it feels like it's 50. Let me replace my shorts with jeans...
That's better.
See how influencial your piece is? Actually, this is not the only piece. I absolutely love your work; it's perfect for my English and Creative Writing classes, especially if I have writer's block. It helps to draw in some ideas and puts me in the mood for writing.
If only I had discovered this sooner... then I might have listened to this all year and be the most reknowned writer in those two classes. Nah, just kidding.
But seriously.... actually I'm going to stop. I'm rambling over just how friggin' amazing and inspiring this... >insert superawesomeamazing word to describe music here<. Just love it. Absolutely love it.
5/5, favorite and a download!

S3C responds:

this is what I hate about the Newgrounds redesign, i have no idea of knowing when I receive heartwarming reviews like this! sorry about the late response. Glad to hear you like my work and found this piece inspiring, keep up the writing! Thanks for your reviews!


lol, how to put audio in favorites? Ah, the song is nice and cool...

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S3C responds:

click where it reads "add song to favorites" on the left where all the track info is, lol. glad you like it!

I have one thing to say for this

VICIOUSLYAWESOMEMAGNIFISANTASTIC like holy crap man this is woooo...could i use this in one of my animations? i dont use like normal programs i use pivot but im really good with it...right now im makin a zenta animation hes a stickman with a bandage on his head and a red halo and no arms just hands with a red fingerless glove and he uses this sword that looks similar to the one in madness apotheosis i wana use this for when he gets shot by the only bullet that can kill him hes an android but every other bullet hits him and he obsorbs it but this bullet is the android desableing bullet when hit it shuts down his brain and heart and the main core system next to his heart the main core system can revive him if its still working but since the bullet shuts it all down well u know...well id be very very thankful if you let me use this

S3C responds:

Thanks for the review! yeah, of course you can use this in your animation. Just use more punctuation when you speak on the internet ;) thanks again!

That song

Just fell from heaven!

I'm making a game (not flash sadly :(), and the towns are the greatest pain to make them. I was going to make a desolate one on the far edge of snowy continent, but was without inspiration, After week of doing nothing, I've accidentally found this piece of yours, and man, believe me or not, while listening to this music I made the town, heck, even a lot more! (in fact I think that this will be theme for that town. Okay?)
Simply marvelous :D Must listen to your other stuff!

10/10, 5/5, fav&down.


S3C responds:

ooh wow thanks for the massive compliment!!! It's awesome to hear that this bit worked as inspiration to finish your game.

Yes, please do use this piece as the theme for the town! If the games not flash, then what type of game will it be? :)

Once again, thank you Haspen for your interest and review, keep me updated on how your game is coming along!

de Kalt

Nice, enjoyable piece you gots here. Interesting use of textures in this one - the whole piece feels very dynamic, despite being an "ambient" piece. The cold imagery is very well portrayed with the sounds and arrangement thereof, though some things such as those low rumbling bass strings gave more of a warm feeling. The drums and piano kind of remind me of that Final Fantasy X piece, also about a cold mountain or whatnot. Around 2:20, it sounds like the strings stumble around a bit to me, though they get back to track after a while. Overall, solid work with this one. GJ

S3C responds:

yeah, I worked real hard in putting the dynamics to life in this one. I didnt want the piece to represent a completely cold atmosphere, as I wanted to instill some sense of comfort, where the travellers can find a warm place to rest hence the warm bass and cello chords that play throughout. thanks for the review shizeet, glad you like this one!

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Oct 24, 2008
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