Mining Melancholy [Psyko Mix]

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Ah damn. I overwrote my original Mining Melancholy [Modern Mix] (the Reason file) with this one, and now I cannot revert. Oh well. Enjoy what I've made here.

(Oh yeah... thanks for giving me a straight zero, whoever you are... bastard.)


Goood buut

Not sure exactly whut psyko iz

But you get a 0 for it.

LOL jk.

But really, it doesn't sound very much like the original at some parts...
Mostly the beginning, just like the other version of this song I heard.
DKC2=better than DKC1, DKCR, and DKC3. Who's with meh?

Godknown responds:

Go listen to the original again. I assure you, they are very similar as far as the melody goes, otherwise this is a mix.


Dude, this song is tight! I feel like doing something now but I don't know what...Maybe mine? Anyway nice song, I loved the clanking stuff in the background for your percussion, Oh I just read your comment on that review, I was just about to say something about Donkey Kong. Seriously though good song. (Damn the person who gave this a zero!)


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awesome game song mix...I have to agree with the guy below me...the drum sequencing was flawless it def gave it a whole different feel. I love the mechanical songs playing throughout the song too. Nice job!

to god6911 you can never go wrong with FL...and no its not free unless your willing to be a pirate...arrgh

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Very nice.

Very industrial. I like it. The drum sequencing is well-made too; I like the subtle glitching that happens every once in a while, nice touch. IMO they're put way too far back in the mix. seem that industrial seems to be the main influence in this track, I feel they should be a bit more dominant. The main melody sounds very familiar to me, what game is this from?

Overall well-made. Keep up the good work man. :)

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Godknown responds:

Thanks for the tips on making this sound better. I'll be sure to make the drums louder! Also, the melody is from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest. I'm glad it sounds familiar to you. A videogame player, perhaps? Heheh. Thanks for the review, friend. Very helpful!


lol you just submitted this, and its very good. Sorry for the noob question but, what audio program do you use?And is it free?

Godknown responds:

I use Propellerheads Reason 4. Sorry for the very, very delayed response. Ha ha. Thanks for the review, though.

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Oct 22, 2008
12:52 AM EDT
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