MAC8- Here In Me (SyX)

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UPDATE: Tried to fix up as many problems as I could in the short hours before the due-date, but I ended up just running out of time... I'm updating this file at 11:55... :/

Well, I've spent a lot of time on this, and I am proud to present my first attempt at a vocal piece!
Now, I know I'm not the best singer in the world, and the microphone I used was not top-notch, but I still hope that you can enjoy this song!

Either way I'm very satisfied with how this turned out.

This song was written for the NG MAC8 competition. This month's theme was "Freedom"... so it's not exactly my fault that the lyrics are rather cheezy... :P.

I still have a couple days before the contest due date is up, so I'd appreciate any feedback to help make this better!

Anyhow, here are the lyrics:

"Here, In me, I have a lonely ride to go--
--Don't you say, nothing's gone until its done with
Where I'd seek, I'd fall, I'd find a way to
Break this earth, this barren rock, I would fly free
Away away away away, away from empty lights
and out in the world, I'd see, A darkness lifted in the breeze...

Oh, I haven't felt this free in a long while
-oh-ho yea-ah
It's like I've realized I'm not real
-no longer 'fraid to hide
I've left behind the iron curtains
-I've opened up my eyes
I see right through the walls I've built up
-I've broken down and cried
[End Chorus]

I've walked a lonely road
I've seen the ends of tie-ee-ime

I've lived a desperate chain
the ends of life are barren clear
and I can feel the rust
that forms upon the hallowed rods
where the stars do stop
to glance at feeble waves of green
and others look across
where streets are lines with gold
and I will break these bonds
which bind me to the earth
and I will see the day
the day the world falls down...


[Chorus w/ less instrumentation]
-I've broken down

[Chorus lines underneath Cried-----]
Here in me, I have a lonely road to go
Here in me, I'll find a way to break this earth"

And ends on a happy note! Yay! XD.

Please rate and review. Thanks for listening.


I Like the music

Yeah, the music & the main style is good, the only problem is in the vocals. Late now for the MAC8 contest, but probably the solution could be using Sound Forge to depurate the lyrics sound. I supose you recorded lyrics separatly from the music, right? You anly have to edit the lyrics, changing the acoustic mirror, the modulations, the EQ and more settings until the voice sounds good.

Anyway, the song is good

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Sycross responds:

Hey, thanks for the tips. But I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "depurate." Do you think you could clarify this in a PM? I know it's too late for the Mac but I really want to improve this song anyway.

Good, but

the vocals weren't the best (dynamic-wise) it seemed to keep on going loud and soft when not expected.

The piano felt that there was lack of reverb or sustainability.

The chords were extremely simple - and with simple chord progressions like this I found it needs to be executed perfectly, therefore the listener will not even notice how simple it is and focus their attention on the main tune.

That doesn't mean I don't like it!

Sycross responds:

Hey, thanks for the comments. The reason for the random dynamics changes is because I was holding the mic while recording, so the distance from my mouth fluctuated. I am going to try and fix this up before the MAC8 is due... which, at the time of posting this review, is only 30 minutes away... lol. But I've been working for like three hous trying to get this right... and Its not really working... :/


Very good except for the vocals.

I really liked this song and the music part of it. The lyrics are very beautiful and the music fits very well.
The only critique I have about this is the vocals. In my honest opinion, it could have been done better. At certain times the microphone seemed to not handle the volume very well. I have that problem too so I understand the frustration.
The other critique I have is with your voice itself. Partially it's the song itself, since the song has such a big range for the melody. That probably made it really hard for you to sing. It sounds as if you strained your voice to sing it. I guess the only way to work around that is to practice singing.
Great job nonetheless. I look forward to more from you.

-HFX ^_^

Sycross responds:

Thanks! Yea, some parts of this song are definitely a little high for me to sing... and I didnt have much time to record this, so it was kind of rushed... I'm going to try to rerecord it by Friday, but I doubt that's going to happen.

I appreciate your comments.

About vocals and more...

I think you're just afraid to sing a bit ;) Try to record with microphone set quiet but give more power from your voice.
Now about the song - it's good. Try to work harder on instruments. Maybe some effects on piano, vocals (reverb should be useful). Lyrics are cool. And once more try to give more power in vocals like in 1:16 - 1:18 but record them on quiet microphone settings.

In short words: You've got potential - now work hard on it ;)

Sycross responds:

Thanks. I'll definitely be updating this song with some corrections.


Melodies, instruments, tempo, beat, lyrics... everything fits perfectly with the theme. You've got one hell of a chance at this competition.

You have a few more days to fix things up right? Well here are some suggestions.

First and foremost, I say this in the nicest way possible ^__^ :

You can't sing very well :D
The vocals were ok but either way they weren't mixed into the song very well, maybe if you eq it a bit, add some chorus, or a vocoder or something else thatll blend the song in a bit better and it'll smooth things out.

There were points when I wanted to hear the actual song a bit louder and the vocals were just overpowering it.

Bottom line:

Fix up with mixing the vocals in and you're set!



Sycross responds:

Hey, thanks for the tips! I'll try and fix the song up before the contest due date.

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