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Titanium Bullet

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Made in FL Studio.

320bit quality.
Sounds made by scratch.
Sampled breaks but my patterns.

[Edit March 18, 2009]
Cleaned out some of the muffle, but i can't say i fully mastered the song.

[NO MORE EDITS/10-3-25:5:25]
I will not be editing this song no more, because I lost the file do to a re-install windows on my desktop. It doesn't matter anyways, because this was my a first attempt at making a breakbeat soundtrack. Which is nothing special, at all.

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Titanium Groove

a solid, more 4 to the floor pace DnB groovy song, some awesome ideas in here.

you say you cant think of a good melody in here, in respect to the genre it doesnt really need one. the bassline and subbassline are freaking awesome. The second bassline that you brought in was a great adaption from the first one. Definetly goes with the title IMO, like an FBI agent walks into an underground bar, and shoots a titanium bullet right through the drug dealer's chest, second bassline, the FBI Agent smoothly walks out of the bar while he sets a bomb on the floor and the place goes BOOM.

the sound of the bass is nice and gritty, nice, fuzzy, fat, and well layered. Good job with the synth work for sure. Digging the deep flanger effects, automations were well inserted and executed throughout the track. The rhyhtm of the bass has a great relationship with the resampled break patterns, very groovy. The transition was nice too, the flanger meshes nicely to accentuate the sweet patterns. I like how its much more than a simple kick-drum...kick-drum pattern. Great flow in this track.

I think perhaps the bass or the drums is too abravise, some EQ cuts or lower volumes would be nice to hear so the airy pads can have their room in the mix. The progression on those are worth hearing. Maybe roll off the high trebles on the bass, and use just a tad less compression/exciter on the the drums. I wish I had the technical knowledge so I could specifically point it out :D (I sure could be 'wrong' in a general sense, since its all background jazz anyway)

Maybe more noticeable resonance and cutoff frequency automation in addition to just the transition and break phases of the track, to give the sections a more interesting spice. The actual riff could be more varied to, maybe have some notes slide into each other, or automate the portamento knob. And maybe instead of ending the phrase on Eb, maybe end it on C or Bb every now and then. Anyway no biggie repetition doesnt really bother me in this trk. Repetition in DnB is a good element, but maybe a slight alteration of the theme every 16 bars or so wouldnt hurt.

Another idea that popped into my head while listening to this is a sliced vocal sample of some guy shouting out orders over a walkie talkie or telephone in the intro ;)

Definetly good work for sure! Keep up the GOOD music man. Defintely great chemistry with the rhythmic ideas in here.

Mitrox responds:

Awesome, another constructive review from the S3C. :]

Well true, I could of EQ'd some of the extra muffle out of the bass and not make the drums so loud, but I didn't think of it at the time. True, it would of been cool if a added some vocal sound effects with a commander giving orders to his comrades, but again my imagination wasn't to creative at the time I made this track.

Heyy Viewtiful Masta... or should I say...

Mitrox =) Didn't know you went under another name. Been a long time. This is a pretty hawt song. Dig the clarity in the mix down. Great job with that.

1. Intro... it's pretty good. Love that bass.
2. The drums sound industrial a little bit. Nice back up synth to give the song a nice flow.
3. It all comes together. Very nicely. Well done. Some nice effects you put in the bass.
4. Wow, very heavy kicks and snares XD That's cool. Industrial like hi hats. Fits well, considering it's called Titanium Bullet.
5. Not bad ending. Fade outs are pretty cool.


Alrighty then. It's been a while since I have heard a song this clear in volume. There's like no feed back. It's so unbelievably clear. Drums and the bass were brought out nicely, nice build ups. Pretty heavy though. Which isn't bad. Fit's the song, actually.

My only problem is that this song lacks a melody, which can progress the song even more in it's entirety. Maybe something synthy that can be added, or probably a second bass as a make up for the melody. Whatever floats your boat, you know? Pretty well done, nonetheless. I dig the track. Fave it, and I hope to hear more from you. Keep it real~


Mitrox responds:

lol, hey man whats up!
yeah i've been busy with college.
which explains my lack of commitment to NG.
yeah dude this is probably the clearest sound i've done on FL.
I made all the sounds from scratch including the bass and the background sound effects.
I did use sampled drums but i did add amplification to bring it out more and my own patterns. =)

I know should probably have a main melody or something in their to make it more enjoyable.

I can't think of a good melody for this song though.

Just hard bass and drums.

pretty good.

but not enough variation to be great. Well produced sound though.


Mitrox responds:

it was a simple breakbeat song.

I appreciate the review.


Awesome beat, great sounding synth work, overall good rythm, and very crisp sound. I loved it !

Mitrox responds:


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4.28 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2008
3:41 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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7.3 MB
3 min 13 sec

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