At The Crack Of Dawn

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My First MAC8 Oct Submission

A new day dawns..

A peaceful tune - sorry about the longevity!

lols, I even got the tweets at the beginning.

Please don't be afraid to review!
and, please enjoy!!

EDIT: A slower version can be downloaded here:
http://rapidshare.com/fil es/155078632/CrackOfDawn_
MAC8___FinalFinal_.mp3.ht ml

Special Thanks Zedd56 and Assassin2!


Reminds me...

This loop reminds me of, the games Age of Empires and Cossacks, just the tune of when you are building your Town/City...

Top Markz 10/10

Well done.

Zero123Music responds:

Thanks alot.
Lol I used to love age of empires making a big army and stuff.
Thankks again


I've been looking for music to use in my RPG Maker XP project, and this might be good for a title screen or ending. I'll take a look through some of your music; if I like it, do you mind if I use it? I'd like to stick to a small number of composers to keep a consistent style.
Note that this isn't going to be anything huge and amazing; I'm a kid with a computer in his bedroom and too much free time, not an actual company. It's not a commercial game, just a labor of love

Zero123Music responds:

hey, i'm just like you lol I could always make some custom stuff, because I too am a kid with a computer and a lot of time.

check out my main town theme (specifically made for an RPG :-) http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/179253

and boss battle.


Haven't checked out your music in a while. I see you've moved on from just piano to actually using synthed orchestras! Nice. You've entered an entirely new realm of composing which, is often much more painful and annoying than just playing piano (but I'd say it's worth it). Your synths arent bad, but I think that some of the instruments could use some work. What are you using right now?

As for the song, its nice. However, I feel that in transitioning from real piano to MIDI, you've lost some of your style and vitality. Its harder to express every intricate emotion while charting out notes, and I think that total expression is what every musician should strive for. That's not to say that this song is bad. Because I really like it.

Btw, I find it interesting that I just wrote a song also, called "Dawn" in which I also use bird sound in the song... :P. Anyways, good work, keep it up.


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Zero123Music responds:

yeah, I know what you mean, it is so hard putting music on a comp (FL) I might buy another one of my recordey things though - and back to piano! yay.

BUT I will never become a great composer if I stick to piano,

anyways I am so glad you liked it and I will check out your dawn :-)


It does have a surreal sense of Final Fantasy to me. I really wish I had to time to go through those too, I only ever played 3, or 6.. The one with Celes and uh.. Loki and Shadow, and Kefka lol. Anyway as for this song, I don't know what would improve it, it's gentle and serene, everything it needs to be.

Zero123Music responds:

dats 6 all right!

Thanks alot (btw don't think your reviews are unoticed!)

I take in ALL your suggestions and stuff :D


Its amazing the difference a little speed can make. I think this version is much better. Please make more ^_^

Zero123Music responds:


Lol more is a bit of a problem :-(

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