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Cyber City (ShortLoop)

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I just didn´t feel like making this any longer...

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Down on my knees!

Great track, tons of potential, basically this loop is crying out to become somethinmg more. Like a caterpillar in its cocoon, it hopefully will one day blossom into the splendid butterfly that I know it could become. Please, PLEASE make a full song off this. i would pay the iTunes price for it in a heart beat.

Rucklo responds:

Just throw it in your phone as a ringtone and be happy with it ;)

laughs wery evil...

you are gettingg a new remix my friend... names gonna be Cyber City [makina_mix]

Rucklo responds:

must... review.. .remix... one day... :)


it's an amazing tune but like the other reviewers i have to say the fact it's only a loop lets it down somewhat, i've been through a bunch of your other tunes and in general you've got some skill in making tunes (downloaded a few of the ones i really liked) but if you're going to make a loop this good and not make it a full tune it'd be a disappointing shame

Rucklo responds:

ok, thanks!


Wow, I started it up, and immediately went, "I LIKE this!", only reason I didn't download it was because of how short it was, it isn't enough to fulfill me! Please!! Extend it!!

Rucklo responds:

Well I used the synth-line (the blippy one) in the song "Direct Your Wrath To Me", go check thatone out if ya haven´t allready :)
Why don´t u use it in a flahs? :)

Thanx for the review!



AWESOME first impression, ur little friend monkeybullman told me to come look at your music and so far--nvm it's only the first song but you still rock!!

Rucklo responds:

Glad ya liked the song man!
I got more stuff, u check em out man :D