Looming New Century

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The dawning of the 31st Century brought mankind further into space and terraformed many new planet for mankind to prosper and grow. Over time wars broke out amongst solar systems over new territory and resources. Massive machines equipped the most powerful weapon technology had strode into battle. In time they where called "BattleMechs" and their pilots duded "Mechwarriors". Then, one day, the clans appeared and began a long campaign that took over most of the systems and planets for their own. The clan's power technology and warriors far more superior... they quickly gained ground. Now it is a war not only between the Inner Sphere, but also amongst the different clans themselves.

-Brief Overview of the lore and history of the BattleTech Universe

This song is from Mechwarrior 2 and if you've played it then you might know this song. It captures the ominous feeling of the war between everyone fighting for possession of planets and resources.

Hope you guys enjoy. Made in FL Studio 8


I really liked this. good job :D

Nostagia kicking in :O!!

Nice work :). I think I'm gonna go play MW2 now lol.

BTW, anyone who doesn't know: They are making a MECHWARRIOR 5! :D :D it's actually gonna be called "Mechwarrior" because it's made by a different company.

Anyway, nice sounds and stuff lol :P


Very Nice work man!

Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries > Mechwarrior 2 > Mechwarrior 3 > Mechwarrior 4.
(Single player wise anyways).

Anyways, thanks for the awesome redo of the installer, really brings back the memories.

Ah, Mechwarrior...

I remember buying Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries at a computer show. Imagine my surprise when I find a manual for the ORIGINAL Mechwarror 2 in the box... weird, but a goldmine of useful info (those manuals where THICK back in the day; it's got mech variant stats, tactical reports on vehicles of all types, a whole tactics overview for mechs, a glossary of clan terms... everything but the kitchen sink).

Anyway, good show with this. I should re-install Mechwarrior 3 sometime... though getting it to work on Windows XP (or Linux, for that matter) is going to be easier said than done.

Dude I like this way to much

He is another song my gang listens to non stop when playing something like GOD OF WAR or Resistance 2 or ASSASSINS CREED.It never gets out hand in Halo as well.maby you would be able to work in 1 of the companys that makes game??Try it man.

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