FAN - Oblivion

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I think this is one of my best, took me a LONG time so plezz if yas could cut me some slak

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Really bland

About 21 seconds into it you should've exploded with some more extreme beats, you're expecting it the whole song and it never comes, you should introduce a bit more diversity as some other have said, overall, i thought it was ok, but not good enough for my ears


dude this really familar. u sure u didnt rip this music from somebody elses? i agre with the other two on this one, it sucks. its not orginal, diversity is not that good, clarity could have done better, and effort man this truely sounds like u riped it from some dude or something. next time try making ure own and trying to remix somebody elses.

Fanta5t1c responds:

lol you know, i thgouht of the melody on my own, but now otehr people have made the same melody, they jsu toguht of it too. i was playing a piano like OCON ^_^ and just tryed to make a melody and there we go lol, im sorry if i did rip it, i was just trying to make a cool song. if it is like totally ripped then they should get all teh credit and im sorry i didnt even mean to =O.

Good, but not enough

Yo man I like this alot, but there should be more to it then a small beat and just a loop. A remix would be pretty cool, with harmony, and more beatage.

Good Job H.A.M =P


Fanta5t1c responds:

lol ritard the timing is skrewed +P i kno i noticed when i made it, but im like W/e wah happen to ur stuff drew?


I didnt like it near the beginning where the beat went low, and the snare could have been not as hard, but other then that it was GREAT! good job

Fanta5t1c responds:

i like was dreaming about makeing this song, and yo cmon cut me some slack, im not the best in the world, but apparnently not the worst either. Im getting new equipment for christmas (how many times i gotta say it???) and that'll put me up there, i dont think their should be ratings, only dl count or submission date i should make a site just for sunmitting music, and sponser newgrounds. But i dont have the time, School is to damn long, ill have to make a site over christmas or summer...off topic srry

yea i do agree the trance effect is a lil off and the snare, i dont really have a choice, it comes with the track, so, =l. Neways im gunna remix his for it to be on da radio, gunna haveta get a sponser o course, n money. Oblivion is my latest song, srry ppl dont like it but yah kno, world aint fair, so, ill have to make that way =P yea rite anywhos


Sparse, but has potential.

I think there is a good basis for a track here, but there needs to be more variance and other parts added. Perhaps try adding some strings or some pads, the odd little sound effect here and there. Loadsa potential to be made into a great track, so just keep goin back to it and adding little nuances and layers. Try listning to a tune/artist that you would like to emulate, and seeing what there is about it that you like, then apply that to your tracks. I hope this review helps. Keep up the good work.

Fanta5t1c responds:

Yo man wassup
Yea i kno theres not alot, and its a lil uneven, but man, gargae band is so friggin limmited, im gittin some new equptment, 3 synths, electronic drumset, studiophones(nice), cubase sys 4, all this nice stuff, ill remix alot o me songs, so dont think that these are the last of what youve heard!!!!

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Dec 23, 2004
1:42 PM EST
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