Rock Organ in a Minor Key

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A piece in loopable sections, mostly minor. A rather Castlevania-ish vibe, in places.



The organ work was very nice indeed, had a kind of haunted house/graveyard feel about it. not entirely sure about the beat behind it..didn't really work so well, I would have put a far away timpani sound playing a dull thudding heart beat kind of rythm. but it's your work man, play however you want. great potential...

Scarlatti responds:

Thanks a lot. The heart-beat thing would indeed have been dramatic, but it's a bit too safe. To do something different, like successfully combining a rock beat and a church-ish organ (kind of successfully, anyway), makes one grow more musically than to do something that is more common. But it is harder, and that's why some of my music is perhaps a little off. But you have to admit, I'm getting better. Like the Beatles, but not as pant-shittingly awesome.

Some good some bad.

Drums too loud. Organ too quiet. Strains the ears to listen to. Very nasty in that aspect.

The style of drums is too hip-hop and COMPLETELY contrasts the organ. You mixed two styles which wouldn't ever be caught eating a burrito together. Not even if you were wearing pants to them. (If you don't get it that joke, don't ask. :P)

The organ is slow and boring starting off and the initial mood doesn't really match that toward the end.

MY GOD change the volumn levels! This organ is flat as can be! Is this an ooooold midi or what? Put some OOMPH into the good parts! Make them stand out! It has no energy to it! This isn't rock organ! This is damp sponge organ! I've had haircuts more exciting than it!

You've got some good stuff in there. It just needs to be shined and polished into something nice.

Scarlatti responds:

I didn't have too much trouble hearing the organ when I wrote it, but that was back in the day.

I think it is good for different musical styles to eat burritos together. Or, if not that, to at least sit at nearby tables and flirt with each other.

It is all a bit slow, but I like that. You can't have a big boom without a lot of restraint and some subtlety. Unfortunatly, this piece is boomless and unsubtle.

I should like to think the piece is more exciting than a damp sponge, but if not, then perhaps I should go play with a sponge in the bathtub. And perhaps a froggy, too. I haven't had a haircut since the last Olympics, plus a couple of years. Haircuts were pretty exciting back in ought-one, sonny-boy-I-tell-you-what. My Pop used to send me downtown with a nickel, and I'd get my hair cut with enough change left over for three or four hookers. I was about forty-seven at that time.

It does need to be polished up, but I'll let it slide until I get a decent program what can shine and polish real nice.


Needs a few fixens.

I think the beat was a little too much. I liked the organ, but couldn't hear it all that well over the drums.

Scarlatti responds:

Yeah, I think so too, now. I thought it sounded alright when I made it, but I was not as good a musician then as I am now. Peace.

Not bad.

It sounds very good, but it just really doesn't have the great feel of Rock Organ. I mean, it's a great organ piece, but not really rock. It's a very nice drum track, man. Excellent organ play too, don't get me wrong. It does have quite a Castlevania feel. Nice job.

Scarlatti responds:

Why, thank you kindly, person.

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Dec 23, 2004
1:42 AM EST
Video Game
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