{dj-N} Perfect Sunset

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EDIT 3!!: Re-remastered, plus changed lead synth, and changed a little of the solo piano and other things you guys mentioned in reviews.

OH, and listen for the offbeat bass. I tryed something new with it and it sounsd really neat.

EDIT 2: I remastered it, and I changed a few of the melodies. Now the mix isn't nearly as loud.

Please enjoy.

EDIT: Holy shit guys, this is my 100th submission!! I'm very VERY happy I had this song as my 100th. I'm very proud of this one and I think it can live up to it's 100th submission name (and hopefully 150 bucks in mah pocket :-D ). Thanks so much for everyone who's supported me. Without you guys, I never would've made it to where I am today. Thanks SO much!

Hey folks.. Here's my submission for MAC8 competition. It's unfortunate that there are very few trance submissions so far. For those of you impatient and anxious to hear "the good part", go to 1:19.

I don't think I've ever created something this complex, and yet... soothing. I'm very excited to hear from all of you.

Please enjoy, (and preferably listen to the entire thing) as I've poured my heart and soul into this song.

Much respect and love,


Its Good!

nah, its amazing! =D =D =D really! lol. i like this a lot, and most of the instruments accompany the others very well. lol. sorry if i seem liek a noob, But could you PM me what instruments you use in FL?

Awesome Job! Keep up the awesome work Nate!

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Man, this is the kind of stuff I could listen to alll day without getting tired, since It constantly changes. I wish there was more Techno/Trance like this. Keep it coming amigo! don't stop at 100 XD

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Alright, lets see:

1) I listened to the song in its first form, and I enjoyed it much more then this edited one. The beginning of the song as it stands now I dislike much more, it seems to have lost it's soul (:45). It sounds much duller and thwacky.

2) The last 45 seconds or so are much much much better. <3.

3) The endings of your song always seem to have that last little *boofshshw*. While I have nothing against it, you do do it quite often I think.

4) The bass beats at around 1:51 and ruins the part for me. It is an epic slow part, full of tranquility, then we get that. Move it to when you start to add the original melody back in or something, maybe.

While the end is improved, the rest of the song seems to have degraded :/. Ah, well. <3 it anyways in it's first form, and it is truly a beautiful work of art.

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It's amazing! Congrats on getting your 100th :)

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Song of a lifetime

I got the chills when I heard this song. Literally words cannot describe how amazing this song is. If I could play this throughout my entire day it would be going 24/7. Stuff like this doesn't come around very often.

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Oct 14, 2008
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