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EDIT 3!!: Re-remastered, plus changed lead synth, and changed a little of the solo piano and other things you guys mentioned in reviews.

OH, and listen for the offbeat bass. I tryed something new with it and it sounsd really neat.

EDIT 2: I remastered it, and I changed a few of the melodies. Now the mix isn't nearly as loud.

Please enjoy.

EDIT: Holy shit guys, this is my 100th submission!! I'm very VERY happy I had this song as my 100th. I'm very proud of this one and I think it can live up to it's 100th submission name (and hopefully 150 bucks in mah pocket :-D ). Thanks so much for everyone who's supported me. Without you guys, I never would've made it to where I am today. Thanks SO much!

Hey folks.. Here's my submission for MAC8 competition. It's unfortunate that there are very few trance submissions so far. For those of you impatient and anxious to hear "the good part", go to 1:19.

I don't think I've ever created something this complex, and yet... soothing. I'm very excited to hear from all of you.

Please enjoy, (and preferably listen to the entire thing) as I've poured my heart and soul into this song.

Much respect and love,


Part two.

Picking up where I left off:

As a MAC submission, I can't see this winning either. It's just too energetic, and personally the picture given is a much more tranquil scene than your track is.

Too many corners were cut in making this track for it to deserve anything higher than a 6, by my standards for an artist at your level, who I believe is capable of a lot more - but only if you actually think about making your tracks new and creative, rather than this almost cookie-cutter form you've made for yourself. Songs like Intercept, now that's creative - and you seem to have stopped with that style because the crowd doesn't like it. Eh, the crowd's why I personally stopped submitting here - they'll praise tracks like Guitar vs. Piano 1.2 the same way they'll praise yours, mine, or a track that somebody could get signed with. Regardless, my advice to you is to make music first for yourself, and second for your audience. I think it's easily possible for you to continue building a sizable fanbase in any EDM style you'd like to choose, if only you'd take it to the next level and spend more time being original! Why listen to your tracks if I, or anyone else, can instead listen to someone out of the hundreds who make the same style, but better, and more often than you, and also gives it away for free? As I'm almost certain there's someone like that out there.

Try harder next time.

dj-Nate responds:

This right away, hit me hard: "First thing, I hear that Nexus piano". (I use a piano sound font called Piannisism.) How am I supposed to make a piano sound unique? Throw a Fruity Chorus on there and EQ the bass out? Well, friend, it isn't piano.

Second, for the FX kick, I layered different kicks and samples.. I'm unsure how you hear a raw sample with no effects. This is what I did. Load up VEC1 BD ReverbFX 08, VEC2 Bassdrums Clubby 023, and VEC2 Cymbals Crash 07 (These will all hit simultaneously). Add Fruity Delay 1 (and change the delay to 4 steps) and Fruity Reverb with 25% reverb to the ReverbFX 08. EQ about one fourth of the 20 HZ bar on the Parametric EQ on the master channel effect, and add what you took out from the master effect and put it on the FX kick. How is the above a "raw" VEC sample?

And finally sir.. Corner cutting? I make my songs by how I feel. If I feel that a song needs an offbeat bass every 4th, then that's what I'm going to add. I appreciate you attempting to "get me original" but this is what I enjoy. I enjoy making house, I enjoy making UK Hardcore, I enjoy making Dnb, I enjoy it all. I don't need someone like you to tell me I need more effort. I put more emotion into this song, and all my songs, than you can even comprehend, and honestly, Karco, I couldn't give two squirts of piss what you think. I'm not in it to get popular. I'm in it for the love of the music. This style is my love.

Please kindly and politely,
Fuck off


Careful Nate.

Popular as you may be, I think you could, and should, definitely be putting more effort into these tracks.

First thing, I hear that Nexus piano and the VEC hits in the intro - first thing, you've used that piano, or pianos that sound like it, way too often! Why would someone listen to or play a song like this over a more popular and recognized one that sounds virtually the same?

You seem to have recycled your two leads (that you brought in right after the piano) which you've used in numerous other tracks. This is just another example of cutting corners - if you want it to live up to this "100th submission name," and win the MAC, this isn't the way to do it...

Your bass is an offbeat bass, another recycled idea not just by you but by virtually everyone. And considering that you've used it in what seems to be nearly all of your tracks (exceptions being tracks like Intercept, which is much better in my opinion than this is), couldn't you find something more original to do with it? Some catchy rhythm, arp, or pattern? A bass synth can sit there and do nothing to build to a track, or it can add to the track with its own unique role, say, in the intro, or used in some other creative way. And in this case, as well as many others, you seem to have taken the easy way out. Look up Paul Van Dyk - New York City (Super8 & Tab Remix) on YouTube if you want to, while not necessarily in the style you're aiming for it'll show you just how far it's possible to take a bass synth - in this case it's half of the track.

At 1:07 and sections like it, your mix is way, way, WAY too cluttered. "Complex" isn't an equivalent for "good" at all and making that mistake can kill a track, like it does for me here. Let me list what you have playing simultaneously:
- Kick (sounding like it's raw from VEC - layer!)
- Hihat Line
- Clap
- Bass
- Bell
- Strings
- Lead
- Second Lead
- Piano
- Occasionally a hit or two (which also are raw from VEC - filter, EQ, reverb, delay, chop the sample, do whatever it takes here!)
And then some of them have reverb, or delay, or who knows what, and I may have missed a sound or two.

Isn't something wrong here? Listen to a professional trance track and you'll rarely hear more than five synths or so going on at the same time. Clean this track up and you'll probably find it a lot easier to listen to than before. Put your drums farther in front (though don't necessarily make them louder, just more audible), cut the bass on your bass synth some, and you'll probably already be hearing some improvements.

And then the mix has way too much bass to it as well, be it from the strings or from the bass synth. The track clips frequently around 1:26 with the piano playing chord after chord, and it sounds like it's clipping when the bass is in there as well. I don't know if you just threw an EQ on the Master Channel and boosted the bass with a Low Shelf or something, but this would hardly sound good on a big speaker set with a sub, let alone on my headphones. It might just be the headphones/speakers you're mixing with, in which case, you seriously need to find new ones. These aren't doing you any good...

I don't like your progression. It's nice but uses very simple chords, as opposed to some much more moving 4-note chords and progressions you could be using, that would have added to the feeling of the track and made it much more likely to win the MAC. Though if you ARE using four-note chords, I can't hear them at all...

Why is your piano playing low notes during the peak? Don't you have enough going on in the bass ranges right now? Seriously, at least highpass it, you're murdering your mix here. :I

Your rhythms, namely for the leads, are not only repetitive but also really overused rhythms. Can't you come up with something a bit less generic, if not because you want to, then just to make up for the generic and overused kick, hits, bass, piano, lead synths, and progression? (And already, you can see how the unoriginality of this track stacks up just by cutting corners.)

Continued on my alt.

There's some debate, but overall people find this review helpful


not much to say, except the score is suckn fer some reason...it should be in the top 50...guess its to climatic for som ppl or somethin...NO CLUE!

Truly THE Perfect Sunset!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this! Tears of joy drop from my cheeks as i listen to this song! Truly the best song ever made!



You can see by the amout of caps that this is EPIC.

I love Hypersonic's THE ATTACK!
Yay for detuned Trance saws!!!!

dj-Nate responds:

Haha, thank you :-D

As for The Attack; it's a bit too plain for a supersaw. If you use it, I recommend putting a Flanger or chorus on it, along with some EQing and layer it with another synth. Square synths go well with it I think.



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Oct 14, 2008
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