{dj-N} Perfect Sunset

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EDIT 3!!: Re-remastered, plus changed lead synth, and changed a little of the solo piano and other things you guys mentioned in reviews.

OH, and listen for the offbeat bass. I tryed something new with it and it sounsd really neat.

EDIT 2: I remastered it, and I changed a few of the melodies. Now the mix isn't nearly as loud.

Please enjoy.

EDIT: Holy shit guys, this is my 100th submission!! I'm very VERY happy I had this song as my 100th. I'm very proud of this one and I think it can live up to it's 100th submission name (and hopefully 150 bucks in mah pocket :-D ). Thanks so much for everyone who's supported me. Without you guys, I never would've made it to where I am today. Thanks SO much!

Hey folks.. Here's my submission for MAC8 competition. It's unfortunate that there are very few trance submissions so far. For those of you impatient and anxious to hear "the good part", go to 1:19.

I don't think I've ever created something this complex, and yet... soothing. I'm very excited to hear from all of you.

Please enjoy, (and preferably listen to the entire thing) as I've poured my heart and soul into this song.

Much respect and love,


This is GREAT!

Not my favorite song from you but yet very very good. 5/5 10/10

this was good

Sup Nate,

I think Karco had some good points and criticism never hurt anyone. If anything it may help with some editing of the piece. I'd keep critics close so you're not surrounded by YES men. It'll be hard to push yourself if you have no one pointing out areas of improvement.

I for one, prefer your harder club style songs, and do think this songs structure is lacking a little bit. But there are so many positives about this piece that it stands above the typical submissions here on Newgrounds. I think, revisit this a couple more times and it should place very well in the competition.

Good submission. Keep me posted on your house / club music, and let me know if you revisit this piece.


voted 5 because i'm fighting for the cause against regulator (0) voters.

dj-Nate responds:

Like I said below though, I'm always open for criticism. But he said some other things I don't appreciate. I dunno RR, but it's just how I am I guess.

Where's the maturity level?

First of all, someone who registers a new account just to tell someone to shut up has a little too much time on their hands. I mean, seriously. Its because of people like JDMFSeanP (don't know what that means, but whatever) that are driving all the good artists away from posting stuff. They might sound boring, but they're being honest and if we can't respect their criticism we might as well not complain. Some of us are just too big of a fan to hear smart people criticise. And Karco is not a moron. Listen to him criticize a song you hate, and when you agree with him listen to some of his stuff. It's worth it.

Sorry for that blurb! Anyway, this song doesn't sound as unoriginal as it does to a trained ear, but it's not my style. The piano sounds nice for the most part, but the song as a whole sounds a little too cluttered and loud. You have a good melody as usual, but I'd much rather to a more laid-back style of trance. I commend you on 150 songs and good luck on placing in the MAC.

I think I'll go listen to some music by Karco now.


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dj-Nate responds:

Heh, thank you for your kind words. Me and Karco talked through the PM inbox and we're all good now.

Awsome song as always nate..=)

I really love the intro, climax, outro, all of it. One thing I'd suggest is to put the voice near the beginning but.... It's still a superb song.

Don't listen to Karco.. he's an idiot..=D

Wow Nate!

This sounds pretty original! I was very impressed when it first started. Also, I don't know what you mean by "the good part" I mean... The whole song is just amazing. You have such a talent for music. I don't care for what Karco said about this. You did an amazing job on this piece of music. I can really tell you worked your hardest on this. That's why I'm going to give you 5/5 and 10/10. You've really impressed me with this. If my computer wasn't on crack right now, I would download too. When I can start downloading stuff again This will be the first thing I download.

Also, Please never stop making music. Even if you only submit once a year, jut don't stop. You are the GREATEST! Heh, You should be able to win that contest hands down with this. :)

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