Saturday Night Blues

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Some random boogie I decided to record a saturday night, hope you enjoy it

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I love this

This music is great, I can't wait to put this to my headphones.


I am very impressed by this track. I like this style of music. The arrangement, theme, variation and consistency are highly impressive. Of all the tracks I have listened to, this is the only one which I wanted to write a review on. A true professional, you are Bloodfest.


Awesome stuff man! Idk what 1-ceth is tryin to say, sayin this is folk or country.. It isn't anything remotley like country or folk.. This is 100% 8bar blues progression.. Keep up the work ^-^

Enjoyable, but could use more.

I really enjoyed it, but it could use more. If you are doing this with midi try adding some bass or horns. You obviously have the talent, so keep up the good work.

BloodFest responds:

No, this is not a midi, it's a real keyboard

Really Kool

Except its more country or folk or jazz than blues.

"Blues is about feeling down an' expressin that feeling thru the music"
-Jazz Guy from the Simpsons