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Well the previous song I uploaded got little attention at all. I'm hoping I get some more with this song.

Stratastition is relatively long. I'm not too hot when it comes to choosing the perfect genre for my music, but I consider it progressive electronica. The choice for genres here isn't as broad as it is over at Acid Planet, which has just about every sub-genre of electronica and of course other main genres.

Anyway, the song was made in Fruity Loops Studio 8, like all my productions. No additional hardware was used at all. The entire song was done by mouse. I hope you enjoy it

PS: Album name is Closure.


Like the guy before me, reviewing as i listen...

Great slow intro, would go great to pump up the bass on an equilizer, the synth strings sound above average too. I really like the solo instrument and its melody, whatever it is. Ah-ha, I now here the techno in it. Boy, you are right, this is a long song. :P
Besides a little much repetition, I love the intro. Just heard the bass beat now, sounds great and solid, the drums sound...live?! Very cool indeed. It would be neat if a second, counter-melody would co.......oh, there it is. :)
Oooooo...i love the mellow strings you brought in, with the wavy sound. Good job with changing the melody, with a different instrument and slightly different notes. Also a nice soft ending.

Okay...now that it's over, it's time to get down to "business".
Melody= Great, but a little repetitive (i know i know, repetition is my pet peeve)
Beats= Awesome, drums sounded live
Background (melody)= nice and mellow, good sound
Variation= needs work, the melody did repeat itself throughout the whole song.

Other than that, great work! I'm glad to hear another song from you!
---The Fair Reviewer---

Reviewing as we go

Quite a long intro. I like the effects and sounds in the background. Great ambiance.

That synth changes the mood a little, I kind of like the melody.
Everything seems to be building up to something powerful very slowly.

Kind of died down into a subtle kick beat.

I'm sorry, but I'm not diggin the beat at 3:12. Seems too rock-ish/late 80's electropop.

The song doesn't seem to be really moving anywhere. The same repetitive synth melodies.

At the 5:00 mark now. It's slowing down to some pads. Very peaceful.

It's really long with the same thing going on through out the whole song.
It has a feeling of building up to something only to go to a slow calm.
I can tell you put forth a lot of effort into it. It sounds very well made, just a little boring for my tastes. I could picture this being played in a lounge bar or something.

Don't stop making music.

-i2 (Paul)

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Nubblecakes responds:

I thank you for the constructive criticism. The beat I do wish to improve upon and add some more complexity to, and if possible, find some new samples for. As they stand, they suit the song well enough I guess. I just didn't want to stick to the electronic kicks and snares, I like to have real percussion in my music.

I prefer making the slower, minimal, and repetitive lounge-to synths and accommodate them with powerful drums and such to give it a slight punch, but I also like to broaden my style a bit so my music appeals to more people. I'll definitely take into consideration what you have said and see what I can cook up next. Thanks again for the response.

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Oct 11, 2008
9:40 PM EDT
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