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well, it's about time i finished this fucker. took me a long time. tried mixing the old trusty guitarplaying with some piano and other computer-generated shit, to see if i could get it to work together. but i still wanted to keep it brutal, so i made sure to have a couple of solid lead riffs, and put some extra brutality in the lyrics. it's a long tune, so i hope you're man enough to listen to the whole song.

vote 0 without a reason and you'll leva för att se dina barn dö i cancer, as we say in sweden. and you don't want that.


This is the hour of righteous cleansing
This is the time to act
Led by the feelings we are sensing
Now is the time to react
Soiling the sacred and the divine
Controls us in some sort of way
Now it is time to clean and refine
We'll be fine if we do what they say

Retribution draws near
Escape our grasp and flee in fear
You can run, hide or disappear
But you cannot hide from the eyes of God
We have you trapped, we have locked the gate
You beg and plead, but it is too late
You can no longer escape your fate
(You cannot hide from God)

Out of superstition, we bash you to submission
Crawl and beg for mercy for all to see
To finish our mission, a flashing premonition
For all to witness, to set you free
Now we're the ones in command
The solution is in our hand
Our truth is suspicion, we smash you into vision
Strapped to a pole awaiting the flame
With Gods permission, the ash will be your prison
You only have yourself to blame
Witchhammer, witchhammer, cry
(Cry by the witchhammer)
Witchhammer, witchhammer, die
(Die by the witchhammer)

Slitting your throat and slashing up your womb
Twisting your limbs and carving your head
Your rotting insides are your offsprings tomb
We start with your children as your fall dead
Sever their heads as they are running wild
We burn the flesh of those who cower
Hunt down and kill the first born child
The only solution, a fiery shower

(My head is turning bold, my brother's got a cold)
The children are calling; witchcraft, witchcraft
The children are calling; witchcraft

Twisted and wicked, yet I move along
How can the words of God be wrong?
A vision of those I fight among
Tell me how can the words of God be wrong?

(My head is turning bold, my brother's got a cold)
Face the one responsible and burn her, burn her
(Burn her)
The children are calling; burn her

The fire will cleanse your sins alone
The fire will cleanse your flesh from the bone
Skinning your face, tearing out tongues
Crack your bones and thrust them through your lungs
Batter your head to abacinate
Rape the carcass and incinerate

Stretching and scratching
I slip in the blood
Piercing and etching
It's all just a mud
Liquid and tissue
Fragments of bone
You're no longer an issue
Now you're alone


Servning my God with this book in my hand
I read and I follow, but I don't understand
I tremble and shake, I scream and I yell
As I realize that my God must be from hell

Haunted by your desperate cry
(Empty and cold)
In the end, the words of God were a lie
(Do what you are told)



The riffs got my heart pumping . I'd l;ove to hear this song with real guitars. Good job. The voice presentation and style reminds of of the vocalist for a christian band called BELIVER. Great man just great!!! Are you singing it? If so your voice deserves to be in front of a live band man. I voted "5" because it deserves it man. I wish I could look into the eyes of those cowardly ZERO voters man. I think I would fix their defects of character.

\m/ HAIL! \m/
4.02 / 5.00 (+ 0.034)

Schleif responds:

whoa, thanks man, really appreciate it! yep, it's me singing - very glad you like my vocals. i'd love to hear it with real guitars as well - and we probably will soon: cliffhang THAT!

yeah, we should all join together and hunt down those zero-voters, strap em to a pole and light the fire, like it's 1476!

thanks for the great review man! keep rocking \m/

This is fucking good!

Boy this is the fucking best song I ever fucking heard!keep up the fucking good work!

X/Bring The Blood!/X

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Schleif responds:

why thank you, kind sir. keep rocking - you fucking rule \m/

This is pretty awesome.

This is fucking awesome man. Well written. This would step up a whole new level as well, if you had real guitars throughout. I'mma send you a pm.

5 and kicked my ass. \m/

Schleif responds:

haha, thanks man! i was on some sort of lecture led by one of those fanatic christians(don't ask) the other day. so there i sat, on the first row feeling awkward. and yes, i was wearing a slayer tshirt. so i thought i'd reflect about christianity with a song about chistian history, mwoahaha! thanks for the reviews man \m/

Love on first hear...

I heard this just for the beginnin and i allready love it... OMG the lyrics give me the (good) shivers...

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Schleif responds:

awesome! it has a couple of flaws, and sounds pretty synthesized, but i like the tune myself - glad you do as well! keep rocking \m/

Holy lighthalzen!

Damn. I don't give a shit if it's synthesized, it all sounds bad ass!
Damn, i was seeing the reviews about the lyrics and was hoping they weren't as bad, what do you know! The lyrics are awesome, i love the tone as well, it feels like no one can sing it better the way you did.


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4.37 / 5.00 (+ 0.024)

Schleif responds:

damn, thanks man! means a lot to me. really awesome that you like it - even though it's synthesized, and all that. glad you enjoyed the lyrics and vocals as well. thanks for the awesome review, man! keep rocking \m/

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Oct 11, 2008
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