halloween submission[demo]

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i thought i would try to do the Halloween music contest on the forums. i was going for a Marilyn Manson's Resident Evil theme feel---

a "zomg-i'm-going-to-ninja-
zombies-in-the-face-becau se-im-so-freaking-badass-
and-its-halloween" feel. i know it's a tad repetitive, really searching for the right sound to complete it so far. just was excited to get what i had out there. i could really use help from those more experienced than i. reviews VERY welcome...i'm' nervous about entering the contest...i'm just scared that it's not good enough to even be in the contest....please help!!!



it is indeed a lil simple, but also keep in mind crowded samples tend to be annoying on the long run, take all the juice you can from that starting synths, those rules

nice job overall, keep it up !

zomgkerrie responds:

i'm glad you liked the intro! that was something i liked as well. i was just having trouble transitioning another melody line in there, so yes, it is a tad simple. i agree that simple can be better. if i could just get one more synth lead in there with some fx, i think it would work. thanks so much for taking the time to listen and review!!!!

Here's my advice

What I would add to the melody is a sudden quick rush with a heavy beat made with some creepy sounds and so forth. I might even add maybe a chainsaw sound and screams out of nowhere to freak out the listener and portray a freaky Halloween murder among all the trick-or-treating.

This would probably require a bit of length to pull all of these off correctly, but these are things that I would consider.

Hope this helps!


zomgkerrie responds:

ooooo. yes! chainsaws!!!and an evil voice saying "treat or treat, slut!" lol. jk on the last part. but yes, i was going to add all types of creepy effects and really make it as gritty as possible. any idea where i can get a chainsaw sample?yes, i really wanted to build up from the end of what i posted here, into a heavier, almost d/n/b feel. i was having a hell of a time with a transition so i called it a night and will work on it with a clear head tomorrow! thanks for the listen and review!!!! and your suggestions always help! thanks!

Pretty cool

Nice sound at the start there, good and creepy. I also like how you phase in those synths or whatever they are. Although I think if you want to win this thing you're going to need to find a way to elevate this even more. This is good, but you're likely going to be up against some awesome stuff.

zomgkerrie responds:

i know. i need to build it up even more, but it just wasn't coming to me. i plan on working hard on this. just wanted to know if i even had a solid base on which to build on. i plan on doing more with an "organized chaos" d'n'b drum line in there, and some fx if possible, and an aggressive synth. just wanted to see if i was heading in the right direction. thanks so much for the listen and review!!!!

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Oct 9, 2008
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