halloween submission[demo]

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i thought i would try to do the Halloween music contest on the forums. i was going for a Marilyn Manson's Resident Evil theme feel---

a "zomg-i'm-going-to-ninja-
zombies-in-the-face-becau se-im-so-freaking-badass-
and-its-halloween" feel. i know it's a tad repetitive, really searching for the right sound to complete it so far. just was excited to get what i had out there. i could really use help from those more experienced than i. reviews VERY welcome...i'm' nervous about entering the contest...i'm just scared that it's not good enough to even be in the contest....please help!!!

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Well done. :]

zomgkerrie responds:

hey thanks! did you check out the full version? that was way fun! thanks for listening and reviewing! <3 Kerrie

ok i'm not sure

why you'd be scared of entering this. it is slow but with the slight creepyness of a resident evil game vibe. as or MM i'd Scream at the end just to fit his style

zomgkerrie responds:

i'm just insecure of my songs measuring up to what i have heard on this site! i just didn't know if it was even good enough to "compete" in the contest. i've been kind of "shy" on this site so far, not really putting myself out there, so this was a big step for me. wow, thanks for the 10! i may do a remake of this and try and make it harder after the contest ends...didn't quite turn out as hard as i had hoped., but it was fun and a learning experience for me! thanks so much for the listen and review!!!

Here i go again!

Okay! i like to repay ppl bigger than they did for me so here i go.
Love this. Pretty creepy but thats awesome. However! the drums could be a little more...well...full? idk how to say it thats the best way I can conjer up right now and there could be more to it as far as the main synth goes too but still good.



PS. grats on newborn
And omg you play WoW? awesome what server :P

zomgkerrie responds:

awww! thanks for the "repayment" haha! yea, i'm working on the drums....i've actually made alot of progress on it since i submitted this. will let you know when the full version is up and running. i also replaced the kick with a better one.
thanks for the congrats:D he's a great baby! and since becoming a mom, haven't been able to touch WoW, but was on Spirestone. soon, perhaps, i will be able to get back on. :D thanks for the listen!


I like this. It's completely original..and kinda creepy! Lol..Keep up the good stuff. -XDSX

zomgkerrie responds:

wow! a 10?! thank you so much! i know that it still has a lot of work, but i think that the concept i have going on in my head could work if done right, and i'm going to try really hard to pull it off. i just thought that there would be a ton of ambient-type songs submitted and i wanted to try for something different. this style is the first thing that i thought of. thanks so much for taking the time to listen and review!!!

It's not very bad at all.

I really really like the build up. You just need a better kick and a main melody.


zomgkerrie responds:

hey thanks! yea, i agree. i want it to be heavier than how it's turning out, and i'm sure a lot of it has to do with the instrumentation and choice of voices. once i get the melody down, i think i will be happy with it! thanks so much for the listen and review! i think i will try for a deeper, more ambient kick and see how that turns out! thank you!

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Oct 9, 2008
11:39 PM EDT
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