Gate of Dis and The Fallen

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This song goes along with the story im writing of Joseph, another man destined to travel through hell. He comes to the Gate of Dis, guarded by twisted demons that once stood as angels. As he and his guide, the Lone Soul, Fate, approach the wall, the leader of the hellish band comes forth, revealing Mortred, the Angel of Death and Bringer of Woe clad in her dark gown and mask. As Mortred taunts Joseph with all the tragedy she has beset upon him, Joseph calls the sullen souls tourmented to drown in the Phlegythas River to charge the gate. Fate pulls Joseph aside and away from the battle, explaining that he has succomed to wicked vengence, and thus shares the punishment as the fallen angels, who hold vengence to God. Joseph stands in the gondola used to travel across the murky water and reflects upon on the trajedies Mortred spoke of. As he pushes the gondola back toward the Gate, he sees through the fog as they near the gate that the sullen souls had broken through the large doors. As the gondola came to shore, Joseph could see the carnage wrought upon the hellish demons. He ran through the crowd of fighting shades and demons, not daring to look back until he heard a beautiful voice cry out from his side. As he turned to see the source of such a beautiful tone, he saw Mortred being pummeled, burned, and mutilated by the dark shades he had called upon her. As he began to turn his head, he saw her mask fly off and reveal a face more beautiful than any he could have imagined


Nice Song

So wait, are you going to get it published, or is it a purely amature deal?
Becasue I really like a lot of amature work, and that story sounds pretty good. Any way I can get a copy?

LacrimosaMuse responds:

its not quite finished yet, but when ever im done ill let you know, i do plan to get it published eventually whenever ive completed it, but i doubt itll get anywhere so i might not. Like I said, ill look you up whenever im done with it and get your opinion before i send it off


wow, the passage that you wrote seems to flow right along with the song, really, truly awesome. keep up the good work.

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