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i was told to be better at Ambient... so i tried to give it a shot....
Not that i'm expecting much out of this.... my songs never do.... i just hope some people like it....
as i said before i will keep trying and i will keep finding new things.... as long as i'm having fun...
enjoy... and please comment and say what's on you're mind... and what i could inprove...
just notice not to set you're volume too loud.........



Okay, long time no see. I'm WAYY more impressed by this one 8D
The intro was definitely odd as there are some notes that clash with the rest of the song, but the style of sound effect makes it less noticeable somehow, and I could see why you added it after it comes in again at 1:12. The string melody was BRILLIANT, you've gotten so much better at putting things on the right key! It was extremely impressive that you were able to overlap each part of the string melodies over eachother, I reallyreallyreally liked that :D and though the strings seem to cut off at odd points, it gives it this wonderful little jumpy feeling, as well as a more electronic style. I recognize the beat as one of the sliced ones used in FL, but you used it very well, though it was perhaps a tad quiet. The clap seemed a bit out of place... but outside of that, I am really very impressed with this track. Sometimes simplicity is really a wonderful thing, and this one caught my fancy at the perfect time. Great job, you've already improved a lot!

Practice a bit more with balancing the levels of the sounds (in other words, work on balancing the volume of each sound - make it all blend!), and perhaps do a little experimenting with reverb. Reverb is a great way to add an element of ambiance to any track. Great job hun :D


I agree about the clap comment and it does get a tad repetitive after a while. The track does have potential though. I like the dream synth if anything else though. Bigger rhythm would have sounded kinda nice on this track too. Sounds like the drum track is too far in the back or too layed back.

Nice track, just think the arrangement needs to be reworked and the mix tightened a bit.

MangalovverGX responds:

thanks for the advice!! i'll be sure to work on that....
i know its' the same melodie over and over again.... i'll try to get different types of melodies in my other songs


fuckin sexy man check out some of my stuff and give us a review

MangalovverGX responds:

i'll be sure to check yours out as well! thanks for the comment ^w^


Good: I like the chords.

Bad: Repetitive
I don't like the clap...

Try using some pads.
Make an original drum beat.
Add some bass.
Use another instrument for the melody.

And it will be a great song, in my opinion...

MangalovverGX responds:

wow... good advice on this one! thanks!! i'll be sure to try this out!

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