Here You Lay {=MMD=}

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My friends.

Now that I'm back to my lil room studio. I've had a lot of time to work on music. Too bad I was having writers block. Fortunately... I find that in these times, I often make my best work. So out from the ashes... this song was born. It started with me playing with some vocal effects and applying them to an old song I was writing. After a while I had completely transformed my work into what I feel is one of my most impressive songs to date. I'll leave the lyrics open to interpretation, but I feel I should also make a music video to this, just to give the visual I was feeling when writing it.

Anywho... since you're probably listening to it already. You'll likely want the lyrics...

-=Verse 1 =-
Live Strong
Run Free
Die Well
But you cannot escape

This is where we cried
Tombstone of a
The sky is set in
Shades of gray
Cause here you lay

Even if I was the key
I could never set you free
The sky is set in shades of gray
Cuz here you lay

-=Verse 2=-
Broken lives
and tainted hearts
I Can't go back
To where it starts
I Can't go home
Can't go home

This is where we cried
tombstone of a
The sky is set in
Shades of gray
Cuz here you lay

Even if I was the key
I could never set you free
The sky is set in shades of gray
Cuz here you lay

Here you lay


This is so soothing

This is one heck of a song man. I'm digging it!
There is one thing I really get annoyed about.
at about 1:20 - 1:25 somewhere, a kick is just a bit off and at "...waaas the key" you pronounce 'the key' just a tad too early and it sounds like that part is a bit muddled together...
Only thing bothering me. A mistake that's small and probably just slipped by in the mixing phase. Only reason you get 9/10

5/5 though ;)

This is beautiful

I have little else to say.. Except one thing that irritated me. You did not pronounce the 'y' in reality very well, it's like it's not there. That is my only issue with this entire song.
It is sad, yet peaceful, and the beat makes it sound almost like the 'person' in this song is trying to move on, after some terrible event, during the calm afterwards. Very nice job.

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do you want to know my opinion of this song?

this is the best damn song on newgrounds in my opinion you have the most excelent voice on newgrounds. I think you should make more peices with vocals instead of the majority of your works being instrumentals.
plz continue to make songs like this. They make you feel so happy. Yet sad at the same time.


Wow I really like the mood of it, sad yet so peaceful. Didnt know that you can sing that well too


This is the first review that I have written (at least for a couple years; I can't remember whether or not I bothered reviewing at all in the past). I realized after listening to this song that my usually clear desktop was now full of downloads, and that all of them were your music. You certainly deserve a pat on the back (and much more) for what you've accomplished not just in this piece, but in everything that you've written thus far (at least the stuff that I've heard). Congratulations on producing many beautiful pieces of music, and please keep up the great work!

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