It's Finally Coming

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it doesnt seem to have any real heart or oomf, but i mixed the hell out of it.
the original part was made during class, so i couldnt hear it very well, but i kept it and just spent 30+ hours mixing it
24 automation clips
bass is still mixed poorly



Was weird. I liked it, but didn't at the same time. The main riff was loud and just didn't seem right. But the beat was cool. Very industrial. Sounded quite like Aphex twin. Who I adore. So need to improve. But there was a few good parts

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Overall, not bad

You need to work on the bridge, as it sounds like the bridge has collapsed - it's not rickety any more, it's been totally destroyed. If you work on that one real weak point of the song, you might end up with something that deserves recognition and indeed addition to a submission.

I think that you've gone for quite a wide ranging group of styles with this one piece, which needs to be trimmed down by a few, to make it sound better - all together it sounds a little messy in places, because you're trying to do a little too much in the track - the user doesn't know where to look or indeed listen, to focus their attention.

Once these major issues are dealt with, you will be easily able to get a good sounding track through.

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MusicIsBliss responds:

good point, the bridge was merely there cause it was originally the end, then i added more
less types of music in one song sounds like a good idea, il try that

I liked it

the melody is buried underneath that noisy part, dial back on the noisy parts a bit and try and make the melody using them, the static-ey noises at the end were annoying and took away from the good parts of the song, other than that it was great, keep at it

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MusicIsBliss responds:

thanks, ill work on having less noisy stuff

Lets see here.

I think in the beginning it was alright, but it was kind of plain and repetitive. It seemed like something was going to happen or change, but it just never happened really. Then it slowed down, which was different and it did sound kind of weird. After it was done slowing down it just sounded like a whole bunch of things thrown together and it made the submission sound a bit messy. Overall, the whole submission just seemed weird and out of place.


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MusicIsBliss responds:

ya, good point, need to work more on song structuring, it didnt even occur to me


This sounds interesting and a bit strange from time to time.

The main problem I have with this track is, that I couldn't find any sort of main theme.
Well, you DO have some sort of main melody in here, but it is buried beneath a whole lot of noise, it seems.
If you could cut down on those noisy effects a bit the song will greatly improve in my opinion.

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MusicIsBliss responds:

ya, i guess i really spent a majority of the time fuckin round with effects, and no time actually making the structure of the song, will have to work on that

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Sep 16, 2008
8:40 PM EDT
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