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He's A Maniac

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Author Comments

verse 1
yo my rhyme so ill it's like the computer writing my shit
i mix my verses with lava so i only drop hot hits
i'm the rap game fix chop me down and pass me out to all these addicts
and watch the money stack rapid it's young L. right back at it
for ever if thier a issue i use slang shots to shot missle
wit more accuracy then larry byrd so homie i wouldn't miss you
yeah for every blow i throw the ref screams TKO
and they know i gotta real reckless click so they stay wantin more

verse 2
i use slang words to kill rap hards
woke up wit a plot on how to throw a rock and kill two mocking birds
call me Reck City elite nikka fuck what you heard
dual pistols load it up and everyone blast on word
for grab out rap my hands around mc's souls
i unfold them ripp them apart to see what truth they hold
come on if you want some i'll give you more then a piece
let the lyrics coke you decease and make you the main coarse at the feast

when i ate upon my plate nothin left no flesh no bone
to make them recognize who really own the thrown
so sucka if you hungry for beef you want war then come on
i do this in my sleep go to yours and make you wish you was never born
i heard you was a kiss ass let me switch it up on how you like it
put the barrel in your mouth now go on a bite it
they said i said what the hood wanted to hear like i was psychic
i'm takin on the entire world and i don't need no side kick
super kid swinging ox break your bones like they was cartilage
fighting skills like writing skills flawless starting nothing but carnage
so swiftly they call me a quicky on the way i bomb shit
my flow magnificent dress it in camoflage and call it hot grits
talk about me similar to a hot topic just drop it
forget bullet's i reload guns wit rockets
it's like i be fightin wit a beast Mentality chip in my brain socket
with a defence line that will take out any QB in your pocket

verse 4
the way i be spit lyrics at you i should get locked up for murder
it's all i serve yah kill you so fast it's like snuck up on you mask murder
young L. Prince of the south i came to take savannah name out of the dirt
homie stay out this lyrical shit you will get hurt
and you can come wit the gangsta reactment but sorry it ain't gonna work work
and i don't gotta hold trigga's i got nikka that make japnese flags out shirt shirts
straight bring the bitch outa you wit your face in the dirt let you and the gun furt
it'll leave you a swollen womb
let my flow be rappers tomb as every word bring doom
make the human brain look like a cocoon
and return it to the evolutional stage of a baboon
now whats beef that's when i'm reloading my weapon to any fool steppin
hittin the hammer back like a old skool western texan
bulling mc's like mc's like stone cold in old skool wrestling
stay away from the mic when i'm around that my suggestion
now hear my coffession i'ma maniac
sico-pathy ruthless wreck wrecking everything in sight
mono-noble idea hunted and denial of freedom til the age of 18
so stop yapping out of your mouth
cause i'm the type of dude that'll fly though
leave bombs in your house fo your moms and be out
to mom up your spouse then sent her back to you to finish playin house
while i get back on my hustle
to make reck city the official south
wit my brothers in arm i'm on the road to kill
test me if you will you will be layin in the road as road kill so no deal how you gonna sell a dealer a deal
especially one that likly to jump behind the wheel
and call your dirty g's a steal
i'm cool dude i'ma always be in the rap busniss
i got a life time contact even without a contract
robbin your favorite rapper on contact
for every penny in thier contract
like shut up just give my all that
n***a squill see if you don't get killed


Got some lyrics there

Although I dno if you tryin 2 diss me on this or u were just listening 2 ma shit writing this cuz it sounds like u subliminaly talkin about ma old rhymes. Anyway you got ma 5, oh and this needs better flow too or at least turn up the mic 1.36 / 5.00 (+ 0.47)
Keep it pimpin'
BN out

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Credits & Info

1.36 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2008
9:58 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
File Info
4.3 MB
4 min 40 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.