Narcistic Deathtrap

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Hails Newgrounds!

I asked Schleif to sing over one of my metal tunes because i loved his extreme style of crazy screams. He chose my song Old School Metal Jam and really screamed his ass off! Sounds pretty bad ass if ya ask me. Way to go dude!

Metal up your ass!


You lie
To yourself alone
The others die
When you fight what is right to take the throne
A saint
Advocating slaughter
Again you taint
Your own name through the clearest holy water

Seeing none but you
A walking piece of scrap
No one will get through
When we're caught in your trap
Claiming you kill for
Vengeance or such crap
The same lies as before
A narcistic deathtrap

A shell
Of what used to be
A living hell
You no longer care for us and you'll never see
You wont be free
From the pain
Pay the fee
And the last part of you alive will go insane

Sure, we're to blame
We're all the same
But it's all a game to you
A fucking game to you
We're trapped inside
Nowhere to hide
You know it's true
You know it's fucking true

When the smell is getting fresh
You see us as prey
You're feeding on our flesh
From night to day
The hatred has turned you into a beast
Now we're all part of your barbaric feast

I mean nothing
A walking piece of scrap
Inevitably you bring
Us into your trap
Now you stare at me
We're on the final lap
All that's left to be
Narcistic deathtrap

(Look into the mirror)
What do you see
(Look into the mirror)
What you see
(In the mirror)
Reflections of something that should not be


Really good until the ending.

Simply make sure you don't somehow cut it off until the actual song is through.

And has anyone found that it cut early yet?? I know there was more to it...

Please Never Ever Stop Playing Guitar, Never Stop!

First of all, even a song this short needed vocals, but this guy put more than what a nine minute-long song would have. That's okay--the more, the merrier (as long as he doesn't trip on his words!) I always say--so what else is new?

Well, I don't know, but maybe the bass could use some extra chunk. It's just a personal preference. Not to nit-pick, but the biggest strength, those excellent melodic rhythms, might be hiding something.

Now, this guy is just plain awesome. There are a few trips on his words, just to make sure his voice is consistently harsh. However, the lyrics are just plain psycho--very reminiscent of (and I feel like such a fucking game geek for bringing this one out) Delita Hyral from Final Fantasy Tactics, or perhaps the creeps he allegedly serves--and since the song loops without any struggle, it makes for the best damned melodramatic boss fighting music, like if someone around the portal designed an online-ready 2D fighting game with medieval fantasy themes... then this would be the Black Fell Knight Motherfucker final boss character.

Overall, there isn't much to complain about, and even if there was, we're too busy headbanging to the song without realizing that it loops flawlessly and transforms the thing into twenty minutes of migraine joy. Excellent work.

Eternalreich responds:

Wow dude what an awesome review dude. I agree that schlief is a fucking psycotic ass singer and this fucking two minute song has crazy long lyrics and they work. He just never stops singing, it's pretty metal.

As for the bass, there is none. It needs it and better drum production. Maybe someone can add some bass to it. And a FF tactics reference is totally cool with me man, that is one of the best games ever.

Thanks for the killer view!


You are the best rhythm guitarist ever man, this is so clean and accurate. You play with an incredible amount of "accuracy". Very well composed, it was epic as hell :P. Sometimes it sounds a bit like a scale practice but it's very pleasant to hear actually, so yeah. And brutal vokillls. I loved it. The guitarists have a God, you are this God. 5'd 4.09 / 5.00 (+ 0.090).

Metal up your God ass \m/ :P

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Eternalreich responds:

Pft. God is pleased.

fuck yeah

i'm with BMI... this guy can belt out some great vox and he sounds awesome with a fat metal track like this to yell at. Grr.

Great work fellas!

Eternalreich responds:


OH my GOD.

I'm so fucking glad to hear someone put Schleif's fucking badass lemmy style vocals to work. I've been meaning to do something for his ass kickery.
Fuckin eh, you two.
This kicked ass all over the place.\m/

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4.16 / 5.00 (+ 0.16)

Eternalreich responds:

Fuck yeah dude you just gotta let him do his thing man, i had to have him on at least one o my songs. i especialy like the bridge psrt

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4.09 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2008
4:10 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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