The Shell of Bravery

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Far away, in a place now unreachable, a man of Spanish origin is seen. His eyes closed, he holds up a thing unknown to his target. This object seems to be a metal stick with a handle. The stick has smoke coming out like a fire was inside it. This thing that spit spits black spheres that made whoever touches it scream on impact. He commanded it with a smile on his face. A woman, her husband beside her, has just finished screaming. She seemed to be sleeping peacefully. Her husband knew better. She was touched by the spit of the metal demon. She bled her last stream of blood. The husband understand death. He understands what anger is, and anger is what he now shows. In a fit of rage, he ran like a lion towards the Spaniard, who is now feeding the demon.
The Spanish man aimed the gun towards the running lion of hatred, and pulled the trigger, but to no avail. The bullets seem to either change their course or passes him. Now, after all his tries at shooting them, they are now point blank. The angry widow now lunged towards him, bounded by his rage. The Spaniard now sees his opponent. A Black man with a large build, wearing a makeshift coat in which the material seems to be cannabis leaves tightly woven to look like a pelt. He had no choice. He must fight.
The Black man began to headbutt the Spaniard like he was a ram, but it was easily averted. He had another trick of his Marijuana sleeve. He quickly hooked his legs on the waist of the Spaniard. Then, using one hand, managed to turn 180 degrees where he let go of his grip. The Spaniard flew long , and landed hard on the barren ground. That made him furious. He went to his pack and brought out a whip and proceeded to wait for the opponent's next move.
The Black man couldn't wait, and ran towards him. Much to his dismay, a long black rope came towards him. The rope tapped him on his chest. He felt a sting not even one hundred wasps can dare to beat. It lingered all over his body. As he winced in pain, the Spaniard took this advantage to walk up on the deceased woman.
"Now, I can finally take your powers." He gently pushed the head of the woman upright and opened her eyes. A strange light appeared, as time passes by. Suddenly, it was over, and he seemed satisfied. He then walked over to her husband, still wincing in pain. "No hard feelings, stranger." He said with a smile, where he noticed his wounds are healing. "You're one bold soul," said the Spaniard. Aiming the gun towards the man, he finishes with, "Join your wife. She misses you."


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Sep 10, 2008
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