Heart of Gold

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I was hoping to save this for another time, but I feel like I've waited long enough. I'm not gonna leave a story this time, so I would like to know what some of you envision while listening.


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Well.... I envisaged that I needed another beer. Is that allowed on here? heh heh. Awesome work! A tinge of sadness with some oompah that doesn't quite get off the ground?


I just had to download it.. So beautiful.


Loved the tune. Serene and beautiful with a nice touch adding the orchestral elements. I think you could have drawn out that added tension and energy in order to let it build more smoothly and not just jump out at the listener. Am thinking about the part where the percussion and string piece plays forte. One or two more measures of tension would probably add some extra flavour.

Nice piece! Liked it alot! Too bad I'm over a year late on finding it.

Bosa responds:

Why thank you for the advice. Indeed, I realized that the percussion was ill placed, so I later rewrote this piece and took the percussion out. I also added some new segments, but submitting it here on Newgrounds would be kind of pointless.

Thanks though,

A story, just for you, Bosa...

The clouds draw over a clear, starlit night on the sea. Gunfire lights up the shadows that crossed the ship only moments ago, illuminating a battle that has been long running. And with a quiet roar, the losing ship goes down in a blaze of glory, slowly sinking into the gentle waves. James splutters as he is dragged down with the suction force of the drowning mast, trying to cut free from the rope bound around his ankle.
A haze begins to take over his vision, and he realizes with dazed clarity, 'Oh. I'm dying.' For the last time, he shuts his eyes to the world, memories of the past surging through his mind...

/James, what are you doing?/ A young girl, wearing a simple dress and a white ribbon in her dark, heavy hair, laughs as she dances towards him. With a laugh of his own, a younger-looking James sweeps her up into the air, watching with joy when she gives a shriek of shock and glee.
/Just waiting for you, my lovely Rose./ He responds gleefully, setting her back down and giving her a kiss on the forehead.

/I was thinking we could name her Savannah Grace,/ Rose said hesitantly, looking with trepidation towards her husband. He just gives a smile to her and places a hand on her swollen belly.
/That's a beautiful name, Rosie. But what if it's a boy?/ At the teasing tone in his voice, she pouts and smacks his shoulder with all the force of a leaf fluttering to the ground. And yet, she still answers: /Noah Kristopher./
/I love the names, really./ He kisses the hand that hit him. /I'm sure she will be as beautiful as her mother./
/I sincerely hope he is not as charming and flirtatious as his father,/ she responds dryly, a smile playing at the corners of her lips.

/We could just run away! The army would never find us, I promise!/ Rose says desparately, even as he finishes putting the last bit of clothing in the leatherbound suitcase. With a sigh, he turns a sad look to her. His wife, his son, his family.
/You know that would never work. But I promise Rosie, I'll be back. Don't even worry./
/I'll be waiting,/ she whispers in defeat, going to him and, with the arm that does not hold the baby, tangles a hand into his blonde hair and brings him down for a kiss full of longing and worry and passion. /Please come back.../

'Rosie,' James thinks dully, even as darkness sweeps over his consciousness and water fills his lungs, 'I'll be back. I'll be back in your dreams, every night, until you no longer want me there.' And with an internal sigh, he gives up the fight to struggle away.

Miles and months away, a young woman stands stoically in a church, dressed in black all over. Even her eyes, which were once a warm, vibrant brown, have dulled to a flat black. A young boy, no older than a year old, is asleep on the pew behind her, unaware of the grief that has fallen over his mother's life. With hesitant steps, Rose walks up the aisle, glad that the church is deserted except for herself and Noah. Eventually, she reaches the coffin. With shaking hands, she lays a bouquet of Marigolds atop the place where his body would have lain, if they had found a body at all.
"Good bye, James." She whispers, tears threatening at the back of her eyelids, but refusing to fall. "No matter whomever I may meet in the future, your heart was like a heart of gold to me. It will never be replaced." With a shuddering breath, she added, "I hope to see you in the next life." And then, with the strength and determination of a woman who wants to do things right, she returns to her child and picks him up in loving arms, vowing to give him the all the love she possesses in her body. All the love that James gave her.


Wow. Longest story I've ever written for here. I hope you enjoyed it, Bosa! Your songs always create such vivid images in my mind, I couldn't help this time but to write a story!
The sweeping arc of this song really drew me in and it's definitely one of your better ones. 10/10 and 5/5. Nice job!

Bosa responds:

Thank you for the captivating story. It really adds some life into my music.

My Story...

The moonlight she beckons above. It is a bitter cold outside. However inside a warm house, a gathering of friends. However two friends are about to find out that they were meant for one another. The host steps outside into the cold, the lady goes in search of him, to find him out in the cold. He offers his coat to her... and wonders why she is out here... she wonders the same thing. Talking begins between two, a story told, a fantasy, an adventure to begin, a winding road set out and both know now about the other. A passionate kiss, this is real love. Love of two, a love that can not be broken by no untrustworthy thoughts. When the two enter the house, the group of friends are in cheer and glee in celebration.

A lonely man has found his way. A young lady has found her care.
A journey has begun, however where it shall end is unknown.
To the near future, and beyond. Without hesitation and much desire.
Let love lead the way, down an aisle and back again, arm in arm.
Together forever. A destiny in time, destinies intertwined.

The bold-looking man, with a caring heart. The beautiful white rose, with enchantment and wisdom. Don't let go of the ones you care about, and do anything for them.

Well Bosa I believe this is the longest story I've ever written for a Newgrounds Audio Submission. This certainly is a captivating audio and I can understand if you coudln't muster yourself to leave a story for it. I may have had a typo or two when typing this, because well this song made me think about a lot of things. Why must the audio portal unlock the human side of me? Anyways you've made me envision things I didn't want to envision, because I know that they'll never be a reality. A magnificent audio all in all. Keep up the good work.



Bosa responds:

Know well that all is possible with patience. Also know that a quick ambition to yearn for what one wants and not for what one needs is not wise. If you search truth, meaning, love, then you must wait as all will be revealed for the meek.

I have found love, truth, and meaning because I know what lies in store for me. If you're searching for love, then know that there is always someone out there for you, someone that will make you happy and will give you support in times of trouble.

Patience is the heart of gold.


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