Sashuna - Free World

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Kind of experimental track I did. Was going for a nice little happy melody lol, and I seem to have achieved that.

Uh.....not much to say, just think that this is one of the best (and most insane :P)drumnbass tracks I've made thus far. I tried combining melodies with hard, "drumnbassy" beats.

Btw I guess I owe some credit to Grinda and Zigzag's "Alien" track for inspiring me to make a near-imitation of their string intro for "Alien", I just loved it so much lol! I couldn't help but copy it just a little! :P

Hope you like, :D Oh and CornandBeans, was hoping you could get on msn sometime and help me with my dnb production, because you know more and I need some guidance with certain aspects of it, thanks :D

Btw its a demo kinda

Hit me a review guys :D


I love this song!

Seriously this must be the best DnB song i've heard on NG. I like it even better than Cornandbeans Bitter Sweet Symphony VIP remix!!! And i love that song aswell!
I also really like the way you use alot of different parts in this song, so it doesn't sound too stale or gets boring after a while.

I do want to know wich program you use for creating these songs. I myself use Magix music maker, but it's not entirely perfect.
So if you could give me some tips and such i could improve my stuff aswell.

I have this one song called Red Alert (homage to C&C Series) But it's not the way i want it yet, if you could give it a listen i'd be happy! =P

Anyway's i am going on too long again.
But just keep making music man!!!

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Oh my God...

Why such a low rating? WTF MAN?

People find this review helpful!
Rave4Yourself responds:

lol i noticed that too just now

odd, but oh well lol


Good to see you submitting to NG again. I never get tired of your stuff. I really like how you've attacked DnB. Not too much of one thing, and it still has your uplifting, energenic, fast tempo to it. Nice work.

As for this track, I love it. As I said, it's uplifting, energenic, and fun to listen to. I like the mood changes, and from 1:30 - 2:50, the energy is AWESOME. Great stuff, man. I hope you keep submitting, because I love listening to your stuff.

5/5 and 10/10

Rave4Yourself responds:

Thanks dude :D

Reviews like this really truly make me want to submit more stuff to NG.


I like it... alot. Despite...

The fact that it reminds me of one of the stages in Ape Ecape 1 lol XD. It is very happy. Listening to it as I review... Great opening at around 1:30 - 2:00 It's very happy, and I love it man, I just love it. Great ending. Oh God I want to be you making this song XD You have no idea how much I'd be dancing to this song lol. It's is very awesome. And I love the effects you applied to both the drums and the entire song. You have become my new inspiration for the song I am currently working on. Gret job with this song. I'm gunna go ahead and download thsi song, and learn from it, as well as dance my ass off to it. lol. Great awesome job. Love it man. Keep it real~


Rave4Yourself responds:


I think that may have been the greatest review I've ever gotten!

Seriously! :D

Thanks man, I'll check your stuff out sometime and all that (sorry im in a hurry, no time to write a proper response)

I'll PM ya or something. Thanks for the review, I really enjoyed making this track, glad you understood the "happiness" of it all ;D

Yea I love the end too hahaha, I feel like its not finished though :(

Anyway thanks man, oh and, lol, Ape Escape, thanks :P I guess its not done yet either ;)

Oh and PS while I was making it I had to step back a few feet and dance to it myself haha ;)


I don't know why people are giving you a hard time on this song... its very good, infact exelently done, front to back (lols). Anyway, the beat is amazing and keeps on pumpin the adrenalin. The percussion alone was outstanding and the rifts were always kicking it. People that vote low should not know what music is. This song always adds a new beat to it and thats why you and it progress with time. I hope to hear more like this from you.
P.S. Don't listen to these losers, they're probably just nerdy guys out of school still living with their parents or grandparents who have nothing better to do than critizise growing artists with great peices like this. Congrats on the song. Peace out.

Rave4Yourself responds:


I live with my grandparents, but only because its much closer to college than my mum's house. Plus my grandparents are just so nice.

Yea I still live with mum, I just got out of high school lol, why wouldn't i?

Anyway enough personal insight into my life lol. Thanks for the review man, I'm REALLLY glad you liked the track. Just cuz of you i'll submit a new one :)

Thanks again.

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Sep 7, 2008
5:14 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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