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A Very Deep Song
I wrote the Guitar/piano part while kinda down
and thought the beat up while in AP Gov't....lol
Enjoy and Review, please.


Very strange

The beat was quite odd and the intro seemed to just get on my nerves. But when it got into itself, this wasn't have bad. Just needed to tone down the guitar type thing. The best part of the song for me was the heavily viratoed sound. It just sounded like a voice, it was quite cool. The piano outro is quite cool. But gets cut off. Would've liked to have seen that developed a bit more. A solid song though

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TheMayo responds:

thnx and appreciate it

missing something

it's great as far as the music goes but it lacks a climax, a point where all the build up is released in an action filled few seconds of music making, try finding a way to give it some finality and your score will improve, besides that you have a great song here, the guitar and beat and piano go well together, good job

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TheMayo responds:

Thnx for the review.

Deep Hispanic

Hmm, an interesting little submission, this one.

I can't really commit myself to comment too nicely or harshly on this one, as it crosses so many genres, that I would have a hard time getting all of the stuff into 4,000 characters.

I think that the guitar sounds a little like gunfire, when it is added to the beat of the pesudo-techno behind the rhythm. I would say that it sounds a little off putting for certain parts, but then it goes and changes again. The piano certainly adds another new dimension to the whole parade.

Overall, I think that you've got too much variation in there, but not enough, if you get what I mean. With the piano constantly playing that one note for a few seconds, you really need to get rid of that as it sounds awful.

However, there are some good parts as well - take the guitar and develop it, perhaps without the futuristic vocals, as it's about as radical as the video for Knights of Cydonia, by Muse.

Combining disciplines can be difficult, so tread carefully and you will have something that will prove to be very rewarding for you, as the whole panoply of the song unfolds before your ears.

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TheMayo responds:

wow, thnx for that mouthful (and thnx for dividing it, as i wud have had a wall of text. SCARY!)
I appreciate all that you had to say, nd ways to make it better, although i dnt currently have any plans to edit or go back nd redo the piece, i may in the future. Thnx again


I don't think I really enjoyed it too much.. I just couldn't seem to for some reason. I thought the beginning was perfectly find, but it did start to build up a little bit, which did make the submission alright. After the initial build up it started build up again, which again helped the submission out a little bit, but it just seemed like either something was missing or that it just never got the that really good part. The song is in a mix between relaxing and quick, but never really gets to either of them. It's somewhere in the middle I guess.


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TheMayo responds:

i appreciate the input, i didnt really have an objective when i started the song, so i guess thats wat makes this piece so weak.


The guitar and the beat sound pretty nice. The main problem is that FL always will sound like FL, so that it all songs created with it sound more or less the same. But I think you managed to come up with something different, at least I didn't have the feel that I already knew the song even though I have never listened to it before like I have with many other FL-tracks.

I like how the song slowly builds up. But sadly, there isn't a real climax in here. It seems as if the song is building up the whole time and then it's suddendly over before it really started.
Some sort of main theme would help here, I think.

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TheMayo responds:

yea, i understand tht FL isn't the best program, but its the only thing i got, nd i hafta use wat i have. I kno theres a lack of a climax, but i dnt really have an interest in taking this piece n e further. thnx for the input

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