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EDIT March 6, 2009: This was the song that began to define my personal musical style, the first song to feature the perfect saw lead and the fast automations that nearly every song I've made since then have had in them. So have a listen and lemme know what you think of the song that changed the way I look at music forever!

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I am so proud of this song, I've found my own sound finally. I know where I'm going with my music now and I'm bursting with ideas.

This is my masterpiece, 11 hours in front of my computer, 4 cans of Monster, 8 slices of pizza, 2 cups of ramen and I finally finished it!

This is the sound I've been looking for, the kind of sound you can't repeat except in your mind, the kind of sound that pulls your soul further and further from your body until just when you think you're going to lose yourself it pulls you back to reality.

And now for the technical stuff! This is my first submission where I made EVERYTHING from scratch. EVERYTHING. Every synth was made in 3xOsc, filtered in Fruity Filter and beefed up with Fruity Chorus. I'm so proud of this song! Ever since I started listening to trance and specifically Goa, I've stood in awe of the amazing people that create these sounds, and now it's up to YOU newgrounds, to tell me whether I'm ready to join them! Listen, review, rate! Tell me what you think! Your feedback is more important than anything I can come up with on my own! Every review and every comment makes me a better artist, and if it wasn't for you all, I would still be writing songs like Clouds of Llama, which, while it's my highest rated, is honestly a piece of crap : /

I've found my sound, and now I'm sharing it with you. As always, enjoy!




man i love this. you have just inspired me to compose some more. thank you so much for making this song. ^_^ this song is great and i love it. this is YOUR style. you are great at it. keep it up. and thanks again.


vampiricLLAMA responds:

Hey thanks! I'm glad you liked it :) and I'm glad I could inspire you to keep writing!


damn! =O

Okey dude, you have to know, that this is great, goa is without doubt your style! i was like wow when i heard the melody, you definatly have to keep doing this, i wanna see you on top 30! i believe your songs will get there! just practice even more on the goa song, and get influence from great songs (like yours!) to get some inspiration, and ofcourse some great ideas, to get your mind flowing with great stuff for upcoming songs =]

In the intro i especially liked the way you made the melody kinda flanger or something, and kinda WHOAPED in sound, like fast volume automations, no matter what it is, it sounds great, it gives you the first impression that you are about to hear something incredibly pro =] And you really managed to fill that expectation dude! =O
I mean the melodies themvelves are bloody awesome (haha bloody, song name, haha XD) i mean they stutter, and they do so in an original way, they keep in rythm, and just automatically gets your hips moving, you managed to get me to nod my head to the rythm of the beat, with your melody alone! that is great!

When you added your kick it really raised the song to an entire new level! The kick was empty, but powerfull at the same time, and just kinda dragged your brain out of your skull, now thats a fuckin kick! i love it! and it is simple and is the ''beating source'' of the song, great!
And i enjoyed the transition automation you did at 1:18+, with the kick going speedie up, and then lower volume, and raise it, and lower it, it made a great effect, and built up great expectation for the next part, where again, you managed to meet those criteries (sorry if mispell).

And how the song is constructed really is good man =] I can see/hear nothing wrong with it, my foot/head never stopped tapping to the beat, which means you did an amazing job keeping the overall energy up, which raises the song in score drastically, i mean the rythm + the energy through the song, is the most important thing to be sure is right when you do a song! i see you get that one ^_^ !!!

The bass is great, it is not in that normal kick-bass pattern, but is placed in an original way when it comes to bassline rythm, and you made it sound great =]!!!

i also have to add that all the transitions were clean, and this song is the best you have made so far, and i am REALLY looking forward to seeing you on the top 30 list when you make more (and maybe even better!) songs!

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4.90 / 5.00 (+ 0.033)

Damn that score is tight man!


Keep it going dude!


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Very interestingg

Nice man i gotta say i couldnt make music for 11 hours straight im just a person who gets bored too quick. But i gotta say your right this is a song u can only hear in your head and could never imitate... Possibly professional.. Good work and Congrats man =]


vampiricLLAMA responds:

Haha, well I guess when inspiration hits, i have to roll with the punches :P and thanks for the review, I'm glad you got some enjoyment out of it :)


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