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Electric Pulse [PDM]

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Author Comments

*Remastered*............s lightly

working on something else at the minute but ill get around to finishing this one day.


I dont know why you think this is shit

I have downloaded all your tracks and put them in a playlist, listened to them all 4 times each, and then rated them. This is the only 5/5 star IMO, make more songs like this!


I was listening to it and I was like.. oh my god, is that note going to be played next? Holy shit it is :O PERFECT!

...What's with all the spaceships?

I don't think of being in a spaceship when I hear this :S. Oh well, what the heck. Spaceships or no spaceships, this rocks, and although some issues stop me from giving you a 10, you almost got a 10, and I hope you keep developing your awesome talent.

Melodies, like in Blinder, the other song I reviewed, are very catchy and awesome. I liked that egyptian-ish guitar you used, and the rhythms and melodies of the main guitar rocked. Overall, the melodies were well done, and like Korgazoid, I liked that sound you used at 0:58-ish. 2:05 was a pretty cool part too. I don't really think there's anything wrong with your melodies, they sound awesome. Still, I think that in the middle of the song you should introduce a style change, since the song gets a little boring. You could try a rhythm change, or an ambient part. That's just a small nitpick though, not much of a problem. Good job with the melodies!

The instrument choice, like in Blinder, is very creative and original. I still don't know how you manage to make a guitar sound so good with the electronic synths that you had over here. I mean, I don't even know what genre to call your songs. They sound pretty industrial, yeah, but they are so original and creative that you can never be too sure. Again, the guitar sounded fantastic, and the other instruments you used such as that heavy saw synth (?) at 2:05, and the desert-ish guitar. I liked the 8-bit sounds you incorporated which can be heard most clearly at the beginning of the song. I liked your guitar effects as well, they added a lot to the submission and were a nice touch.

Now, the transitions are probably my largest complaint in this. Some transitions were decent, but the majority of the transitions were abrupt and weird. 0:51 felt really off, and was a weird and abrupt transition, and so was 1:07 where the guitar switched from those long notes to the short notes so suddenly. The drum transition at 1:31 didn't quite fit either, and the transitions at 2:05 and 3:09 switched from loud to soft much too abruptly, IMO. Even though this may be small nitpicks, altogether I think they ruin the song quite a bit. Also, I think the transition at 2:37 needs a crash cymbal to indicate the beginning of the chorus, since after hearing the drum roll before it, I expected something a little more powerful, so I think a crash would do the job well.

New instruments on the whole were introduced pretty well, even though some instruments sort of came out of nowhere, but on the other hand, there were a few small buildups which were well executed. When it comes to the structure, it's pretty well done. Aside from the fact that the song was transitting from one melody to another almost randomly, in my opinion the structure was decent. However, the variety wasn't too good IMO. The main melody was repeated a bit too much, so in some parts you should substitute the main melody for an alternate melody instead, and by adding some style change inbetween the song, you'd be adding some more variety.

The intro was awesome. The guitar smoothly came in along with the powerful drums and provided a great intro. Unfortunately, the ending was weird. Apart from the fact that the transition was rough, It was a really weird way to end the song. I think a powerful final guitar chord would do the trick, instead of ending it like that. Maybe you could consider a fade out, but I think a proper ending would be better...

The drums were rock-style drums which fit very well with the theme of the submission, and their volume level was just right, plus the beat you used was catchy and well executed and the drum samples were great. At times the drums fit pretty well with the submission too, although as I said, you should add a crash cymbal at 2:37, and even some other parts in the song could use a crash cymbal. Also, the drums badly need variety, since it was the same 2 bar drum beat for almost the whole song...

It has a few issues, but overall it's a decent song. Keep up the great work, and thanks for reviewing my song!

-Review Request Club-

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Elfire responds:

Thanks dude, yeh basically this was one of the first things i ever made when i started out and looking back its pretty shit, if i had cubase still i reckon i would be able to make this into something decent I.E produce it better/compression and add the sparkle like the crashes you mentioned. Had vocals in mind for it but never found anyone willing to do it in the end *sigh*

and yes, transitions are my bane =(

Thanks again for the epic review dude!

This is the best...PERIOD

Now, I dont know much about fruity loops. but I can tell this took forever, the loop was just as epic as this. This would be an awesome rythm game. I like the bahn waauh that comes in at 00:59
and goes every 8 seconds for a bit. this made me feel like i was in a spaceship, exploring the vastness of space!
Awesome man, keep it up!


ok...youre god nao...

i cant stop bobbing my head to this awesomeness... you have a chapter in my zune ^^

Elfire responds:

awesome ^^

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4.13 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2008
4:04 PM EDT
File Info
7.6 MB
3 min 19 sec

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