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Hope you enjoy this tune! If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Edit: So the mix isn't as good as it could be...I'll have to fix that! I'm writing something else at the moment, but I'm going to fix the levels on this when I can. Thank you again for listening!

Edit 2: Made some revisions to the song, changed some of the levels and did some more minor eq work. I think it sounds better!

For the anime fans: The title is from G-Phaetus, a moonbase in Zegapain.


Its Good XD


ELBrain responds:

Thank you! Always nice to know people like a song. =D

pitch shifts! yay!

when i irst heard this it sounded like a group named genetic

honestly these kind of drum patterns i always love because of the pitch shifts and varried reverb amounts. did you put distortion on the drums? it all sounds great,my biggest complaint is the mixing, some parts are way too forward in volume and presence, but the drum patterns really rok my sox

good work

ELBrain responds:

Thank you! As far as the drums go, here's what I did:

First I came up with the original beat (the normal sounding one). It has some compression on it, as well as a bit of distortion and lo-fi sound fx thingy. Then, what I did, was I took the 2 bar beat out as a sample (from Reason) and loaded it into Fruity Loops. I then proceeded to take that original beat, and come up with 3 really messed up beats using the VST Glitch. I put all sorts of effects on the screwed up beats, i.e. speeding up and pitch shifting, filters, etc... Glitch has a lot of nifty little tricks. It took me awhile to learn how to use it effectively. =D Getting it to sound good instead of just being noise takes some work, and a lot of playing with it. Glitch is hard to explain, you just gotta mess with it.

Another thing I did with was the drums, was: when the really weird beats were playing, there were 2 parts were I played the weird beats and then also a copy of it but with a phaser on it. I sequenced the frequency and rate knobs on the phaser to a trippy pattern.

The only other thing I did to the drums, is during the beginning and fade out of the song, I took the weird, glitchy beats and added a ton of distortion to them to make them sound like dampened explosions.

If you use Reason I'd be happy to send you a combinator patch and the appropriate samples!

good stuff

simple yet attractractive, repetitive, yet melodious. It's a well ballanced meal. . . maybe that's a poor comparison.

ELBrain responds:

lol thank you for the comparison. For some people, music is "food" of sorts. =D Glad you enjoyed listening to it.

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