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Run, Darling, Run

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Author Comments

Slasher Chase Music, made with love.
Enjoy, because I couldn't just sit on it until Halloween.

(If nothing else, go ahead and check out the last thirty seconds or so. It's KILLER! :D)

Hardware Used: Guitars, Bass Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Drum Machine, Knives
Software Used: Synths

Also, for the last four or so days I've thought this was finished, and each day I've tweaked it a bit and changed some stuff around... so this is might still be a work in progress. I'm very happy with it now, though.


solid work

I gotta partially agree with cycerin about the vocals. Though I think some minimal, distant or even distorted spoken vocals /behind/ the instruments would greatly magnify the intensity. Your choice of the knives in the background was fantastic. Well done.

kevs91 responds:

This song was written with vocals in mind, but I never got comfortable with writing the lyrics, so I just focused on music.

Vocals are certainly in the future, though, because at some point I'm going to be too curious not to try it out.

Thanks for the review!


Too little going on for my tastes, it sounds like there should be a vocal on top but there isn't. The intro also didn't capture my interest much. Lacks some energy. However, the production is good, and it's original for an NG Audio track. The style has potential if you can carry it a bit further. You could try some more energetic drum tracks, leads, and keep using your guitar, it's a cool style that makes me think of Rammstein and Emigrate.

kevs91 responds:

Thanks for the review.

I think I could also find ways to put more energy into tracks, but I'm learning. I suppose this is pretty lean compared to some of my other songs, but I really focused on song writing this time, more than anything.

Pretty Good

I don't really know if I'm qualified to review an Industrial song, as A) I don't particularly like the genre and B) I don't even know the genre, but here we go anyway.

First off, positive stuff: it builds up slowly, but well; even though this is a different genre than the one I work in, I learned a lot from listening to this closely. I need to find out how to steadily increase note velocity/volume in Fruity Loops. I also learned that I don't need to end a song by losing instruments one at a timet; building it up and just leaving it worked well in this song.

About the instruments chosen; to be honest, I hate this much distortion on instruments so I won't say anything more about that because I just don't appreciate that part of this song. I love the drums though; you only changed them (twice?) throughout the whole song, so maybe a little more variation just to mix it up a bit. I like the guitar too; it was simple, but it sounded good.

About the structure; forgive me if I'm wrong and I missed something (it's a long song!), but the way I see it is: drum rhythm A, bass, lots of new instruments with drum rhythm B , back to drum rhythm A with new instruments, back to drum rhythm B with the same instruments you used last time with B, back to drum rhythm A with the same instruments you used last time with A, and so on and so forth. There were some volume changes, sure, which helped build up the transition from A to B or the other way around, but still, not too much variation. I don't know if that's an important part of the genre or not.

Also, about the last thirty seconds being "killer"; it sounds much like 1:40 except louder :P if there are many more instruments there, they're hard to hear over the distortion.

All in all:

7/10 for instruments.
8/10 for structure, because I like the build up and ending.
9/10 for effort, because you used actual instruments and I can't write guitar parts to save my life.

8/10, 4/5 overall.

Thank you for the review!

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kevs91 responds:

Sweet, a long and detailed review. First: I really appreciate it.
Now to the discussion part (my favorite):
I think you have a point about the drums...there are three main patterns, and then really only two minor embellishments to one of the loops used. I had versions with more diverse drums but I couldn't get it to a point where I loved how the drums sounded enough to get over the fact that sometimes it felt like variation for variaton's sake.

As for the overall sound (it is gritty and distorted, yeah) I can only say that it's how I heard it in my head, and it's how I'd outfit the scene. But I get that people have different tastes.

Structure, honestly, is something I was proudest of for this one. It had three main parts (not many, I admit) but I think there's enough variation between different iterations of the parts there...well, I suppose I could be mistaken; which is why it's nice to hear people's opinions. I do think the transfer to mp3 hurt the ending- there's alot more different there than "louder".

Anyways, I love detailed reviews like yours, and I really appreciate it tremendously...so thank you.

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4.03 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2008
12:13 PM EDT
File Info
5.3 MB
3 min 54 sec

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