(s)Hank(ed) Head 6/8 (piece(s)

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EDIT: If you read this, it is a binding contract to review this song. - Oh I know who you are!

This is for the MAC 8.

The title was supposed to be clever and mean like a bazillion different things... I think it failed miserably.

However the song is enjoyable...

Go Hank

Go Madness.

EDIT:::::::::::::::: Son of a Bizache, it was supposed to be in 6/8, but for some reason came out 4/4..... what the hell did I do?

Dear Quarl... don't kick me in the balls.




Seems like a cool idea, but it's pretty repetitive and that bass drum is really annoying, sounds like a cardboard box. However, this does have a nice madness part after getting past the ambient intro. Good luck, and P.S. You now must review my MAC Madness submission :P

-P.S. (again) review as hard as you'd like :)


What to say, what to say.

The opening was pretty good, left me with the question of how will the song progress, and how will it digest the material?

However, everything :32 is pretty much.. Boring? There's no melody, just a constant buzz coming from that synth and it gets rather repetitive. I can hear other parts in there sure, but they don't really change or add to the song enough. The drums are pretty much constant, which I guess makes sense, though you could have been more creative with them. The ending is slightly better, but that's not saying much in this case. It gets so distorted by the end it makes my ears hurt in all honesty.

I went and listened to some of your other pieces as well. I think you're a good artist with talent for the electronic genre, this song is lacking. Real bad. There's nothing supporting that one part play most of the time, of course it sounds like it should be the support part anyway. It sounds more like an outro to a song rather then a song. I also saw that this was or the MAC competition.. Madness can have melodies too. In example, though this is a more classical song, Bartok's String Quartet #4. It's indistinguishable in where the beat is almost at parts, sounds like Psycho music, but it's still good, and it's an example of madness with melody and music.

That's all I have to say at the moment, good luck on future work... and... The song can be counted in either 6/8 or 4/4. It just depends on what the tempo you had set was. If you count it 1,2,3,4,5,6 then the 1. If it's counted as 4/4 then there's an accent on beats 1 and 3. :P I just thought that'd be an enjoyable after comment because of your commentary.

Sanryd responds:

Super Review!

I absolutely have been at a loss trying to sound "Madnessy" and my attempts have come out as spaghetti. I'm starting to accept that I just don't "get" the feel and genre of it.

I'm really trying to learn all I can from the reviews I get and applying it, so your words are much appreciated.

You get a hose full of win for explaining the 6/8 4/4 craziness i didn't understand. - It was suppossed to be 6/8, then after listening to after I uploaded it, i did a count and got 4/4....lol. But now it all makes sense.


damn you are fast

Wow damn you make things FAST, nice ssong yet agaIN, NICE =]


Sanryd responds:

Yeah, i can pump songs out everyday... sadly.... not quality.... which I'm trying to change.... after the MAC 8 comp, i'm going to try not submit for at least a 2 weeks so i can really make my next song quality.

Thanks for the checking out the song and the review.


the strings remind me of cheshyre.
the rest i dunno where that came from "possibly your head"

i love the way the hats and snares running throughout the song
especially when the snare role fills in.
the kicks,bass and glichy strings dont really sound like they fit with the song.
i didnt like the intro that much neither.
10/10 4/5 1.75/5.00 (+1.75)
damn zero bombers :S

Sanryd responds:

lol, zero bombers... classic. Meh.

Thanks for the review. I relaly appreciate the 10 and the 4.... lol, but i don't know why though... guess u must have really liked them hats and snares, cause you didn't like anything else (which i'm cool with, in fact you are making me consider changing all the synths i have in the piece... as well as kick, bass (which is actually only the kick (no bass synth, trippy hey) .... anywho, PM with some ideas on what to use for sounds.


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